Monday, October 20, 2008

Escalation League Round 2, week 2.

We met at Dreamwizards in rockville for some escalation league goodness.
First, I played a 2000 point game with my iyanden versus another Eldar army.
The game was a "capture the flag type", we traded a lot of fire for 6 turns. Both of our flags were held down by some serious units. I pulled out a win when my lone (invincible) falcon flew forward to contest his flag at the end.

Now to the escalation league. the league has a bonus for painted armies, 10% of points cost. I was the only participant without a fully painted list. (hello handicap...)

So, I faced an ork player, with 80 orks. Really? I have 17 models.
We played the counters mission, 4 counters were deployed. 3 on his side, 1 on mine.
I put my rangers on my lone objective.
he got first turn and came with a fury, firing his big shootas at my wraithguard, he killed 1. Turn 2 saw he run forward, fire and assault a 20 member ork squad. My shooting and CC was great, I managed to kill them all. In his turn, my opponent "waaghed" and assulted with a 20 member ork unit and a 20 member 'ard boys unit with warboss. Yriel stepped up to the plate, used the eye of wrath and killed 12 orks. I lost yriel in the combat (5 powerfist hits to yriel, instant killed) but won by 13 ish wounds, this decimated the warboss and most of the 'ard boys unit and 20-man unit broke and ran. The other ork unit ran off the board and the 'ard boys were finally cut down. The final turns saw my opponent move towards an objective, I moved the wraithguard unit towards another. At the end My opponent controlled 1 objective, I controlled 2.

next up was another doubles match, with reserves. Long story short, i had 90 points on the board until turn 3, my bug unit showed up, but by that time, everything else had been annihilated. My wraithguard unit was charged by a daemon prince, kharn, terminators, a Dark angel chaplain. When the game ended, I had one wraithguard left. The mission in question was pretty one-sided, the objective was a piece of terrain 24 inches from our table edge, we only started with troops and heavies. The attacker walked everything on the board first turn and had the objective turn 2. The huge division of our forces meant that we never really had a chance. (I think I may skip any more doubles matches in the future...)


Monday, October 13, 2008

Escalation League Round 2: Doubles

Last weekend I engaged in the next round of our escalation league. The points were upped to 750.
I took the following.
Farseer w/Singing Spear, Runes of Warding, Fortune
Prince Yriel, Autarch of Iyanden
10 Wraithguard w/Spiritseer with Enhance
5 Rangers

We had a doubles game, where we paired up with a friend to do a mission. The mission placed the attackers on opposite short board edges, their objective was to meet with each other. The defenders job was to stop them. Me and another Eldar player faced off against a Chaos army and a Dark Eldar army. The turn started with a thunderous multi unit assault with my wraithguard unit, a squad of berzerkers, Kahrn, a Daemon Prince, Dark Eldar warriors, and Dark eldar witches. After the first round, the wraithguard won, but at a heavy price. The battle was basically a tarpit with my one huge unit, allowing my ally to focus his fire whereever it was needed. This was a major victory for the Combined Eldar Alliance.

Now to the Fun stuff, MORE IYANDEN!!

I faced off against a friend who was in town, I loaned him my Blood Angels army. The odds were not in his favor though as he was new to the list, and I knew it inside and out. It was a crushing victory, but there are two important highlights. My wraithlord charged a 5 man, space marine squad, killed one, took two wounds from a powerfist (that only had 2 attacks) and failed his no retreat save, so he died. Oops. Yriel and his friends (The Wraithguard) were charged by 20 Space marines (4 combat squads of 5), upon Yriels first turn at Initiative 8, he unleashed the eye of Wrath, killing 13 Space Marines and 1 Wraithguard. Yriel is awesome. Needless to say, I won that combat.

More to come!!!