Monday, May 24, 2010

What to do?

I forgot to mention previously that my recently failings at winning bring me to...
55W 23L 19D (in 5th edition)

I have two big tournaments coming up (Battle at Blobs park and the NOVA Open)
These events are both Fully-Painted, Fully-Based (FPFB) events.
Battle for Blobs park is in less than 2 weeks.
The NOVA Open is in August.

I have some choices of which army to bring. (Eldar, Guard, Sisters, and Blood Angels are the front runners as my Alpha Legion, Grey Knights, and Daemons are still mostly un-assembled ) Pardon me while I briefly list my thoughts on each.

Eldar - They have been harder and harder to get wins with. As one of the most outdated codices, Eldar have significant problems in terms of cost versus efficacy. (As an example, the Vendetta costs less than my Wave Serpents and performs their role MUCH better.) They are, however, mostly painted.

Sisters - Many of my key units are on loan to a friend for ard boys. This sucks, as they would be my current favorite.

Guard - I am updating my guard to become more mechanized. They are nowhere near painted (In fact, I am still working on assembly and waiting for some parts from ForgeWorld), it is unlikely that it will be ready in time. Unless the stuff from Forgeworld arrives very quickly, this may have to wait until the NOVA Open in August.

Blood Angels - I started playing Blood Angels when Codex: Angels of Death came out. The army didn't have their own stand alone codex until this year. My Blood Angels have always been played as slightly different Space Marines. They are certainly NOT updated for a modern tournament structure. I am also waiting for an order from GW...

So, I need to pick a direction and go with it. Do I build the guard hoping the ForgeWorld order I placed arrives in time? Do I spend time updating the Blood Angels hoping the models will arrive? Do I play my drastically under-performing Eldar?

Deep thoughts for a monday.


Forgot I had a Blog?

So, it has apparently been some time since I updated my blog.
A few personal things first. My wife and I bought a house, so that took up a majority of my time.
I recently found myself with much more free time. In my "downtime" I did find time to play in some tournaments. I will quickly sum them up.

Inner Circle High Stakes Jamboree and Pancake Breakfast.
I took Sisters, went 2-1 (my loss was to Chaos in the Second round, I totally screwed up my deployment)

FrAG tournament. (March)
I took my Eldar, went 2-1 (lost first round to a poor mission matchup for my list)

FrAG tournament (April)
I took my Sisters, went 1-2 (ouch)
Lost first round to the Hobby breaker, third round to Fate-crusher.

Between these, I managed to get in a practice game against Nob Bikers, which I lost.

So, 10 games 5-5. Not a good track record in 2010.

I just discovered today at work, that while I am not able to view my blog, I can apparently post updates. Who knew?