Wednesday, December 29, 2010

ICGL Footdar Games (Part 2)

Opponent week 5: Dave
Mission: Annihilation, Pitched Battle
List: Space Wolves (from memory)
-Wolf Lord w/Thunderwulf, Runic Armor, Wolf Amulet and Talisman, Wolf Claw, Storm Shield, Saga of the Warrior Born
-Wolf Lord w/Thunderwulf, Runic Armor, Wolf Amulet and Talisman, Thunderhammer, Storm Shield, Saga of the Bear
-Rune Priest w/Living Lightning, Murderous Hurricane
-9 Grey Hunters w/Melta, Fist, Standard, Rhino
-9 Grey Hunters w/Melta, Fist, Standard, Rhino
-5 Grey Hunters w/Melta, Razorback, Lascannon and Twin-Linked Plasma Gun
-5 Grey Hunters w/Melta, Razorback, Lascannon and Twin-Linked Plasma Gun
-15 Fenrisian Wolves
-6 Long fangs w/5 Missile Launchers
-6 Long fangs w/5 Missile Launchers

Battle: I won the roll to set up first and deployed in a bubble formation, but also covered most of my board edge to try to think out Daves forces across his deployment zone. He didn't bite and deployed mostly on his left side. I used Eldrad to redeploy across from him. Dave seized the Initiative and moved most everything forward. The Long fangs shot my avatar, doing 3 wounds to him and some frag missiles, killing about 4 Dire Avengers.
I responded by pinning one long fangs squad and killing 3 of another, which ran off the board.
I was able to start putting D-Cannon hits on Rhinos and such, damaging them.
The Wolf lords w/wolves hit my lines turn 2. They roll poorly and coupled with defend on the Avengers keep most of my side alive (I only lost by 1). A rhino tank shocked a unit of my guardians off the board...
The game devolved into 2 parts, a main melee featuring 2 wolf lords and the fenrisian wolves and a short ranged shooting contest where my guardians, D-cannons, Rangers, and Reapers killed 2 Rhinos, 2 Grey Hunter Squads, a Razorback and the Rune Priest taking no casualties in return. In the LONG combat, I was able to kill the Thunderhammer wolf lord (under weight of Dice and Doom) and all the fenrisian wolves. In return, the Warrior Born Wolf Lord killed the guardian Storm Squad, Both Dire Avenger squads, Harlequins, and Striking Scorpions. (HOLY SHIT) Thankfully, I had already done enough damage, the game ended turn 5.
Outcome: I win 9-7

Opponent week 8: Tim Horvath (Gramps) (Editors note: "Gramps" is younger than me)
Mission: Seize Ground (5 Objectives), Pitched Battle
List: Space Marines
-Librarian w/Null Zone, Avenger
-10 Tactical Marines w/Lascannon, Flamer, Rhino
-10 Tactical Marines w/Multi-melta, Melta, Combi-Melta, Rhino
-10 Assault Marines w/Powerfist
-10 Assault Terminators w/1 Lightning Claw, 9 Thunderhammer & Storm Shield
-10 Assault Terminators w/1 Lightning Claw, 9 Thunderhammer & Storm Shield
-Predator w/Heavy Bolter Sponsons
-Predator w/Heavy Bolter Sponsons
-Predator w/Heavy Bolter Sponsons
Battle: I deployed first, centrally to about 3 objectives. (they were laid out one each quarter, one in center) Standard blob formation, Dark reapers on right, Storm Guardians on left, Scorpions outflanking. Dire Avengers Bubblewrapping a right board outflank.
In my first turn, I move some things forward and fortune the D-Cannons. The reaper exarch goes to work and kills a combat squad w/Lascannon and a terminator.
In gramps first turn, the dakka preds open up on the Storm guardians who go to ground and only a few die. Everything else rushes forward. The Terminators assault the harlequins. The harlequins kill 3, lose 4 and stay. In turn 2 my scorpions arrive and attempt to assault the left most dakka pred, but are just out. The Fire dragons destroy a rhino. The other rhino is destroyed by D cannon fire. The avatar joins the harlequin assault and wipes the terminators.
The other termies charge and destroy the rangers, Shrike and Friends arrive, outflank and kill all of the dire avengers, who break off the table. Terminators charge the D-Cannons, the dakka preds kill 2 non-exarch dark reapers.
Eldrad dooms the Librarian (who keeps null zoning) and he is killed by the storm guardians.
The Avatar and Eldrad charge + beat down Thunderhammer and Storm shield terminators.
At the End of turn 5, gramps only has an immobilized predator left.

Outcome: Victory for footdar

ICGL Footdar Games (Part 1)

5 ICGL Footdar Games, without further ado.

Opponent week 2: Lincoln Tidwell
Mission: Annihilation, Spearhead.
List: Reserve Oriented Tyranids
-Hive Tyrant w/Dual Twin-linked Devourers, Wings
-10 Genestealers w/Toxin Sacs, Scything Talons
-10 Genestealers w/Toxin Sacs, Scything Talons
-10 Genestealers w/Toxin Sacs, Scything Talons
-10 Genestealers w/Toxin Sacs, Scything Talons
-10 Genestealers w/Toxin Sacs, Scything Talons
-10 Genestealers w/Toxin Sacs, Scything Talons
-3 Hive Guard
-3 Hive Guard
-3 Hive Guard

Battle: Lincoln chooses to go second. I deploy the D-cannons, the Avatar, the Dark Reapers, and Eldrad in a ruin about 18 inches from the right table edge, the guardians and avengers flank them. The Fire Dragons are out in front. The harlequins are deployed to bubblewrap the ruin from an outflank on my right. The Striking Scorpions outflank, the storm guardians are in reserve, I infiltrate the rangers into my left table quarter, about 24 from the right table edge. Lincoln reserves everything, outflanking the 60 Genestealers. He then seizes the initiative. His turn ends. I fortune both support weapon teams and shuffle some things to spread out left and forward. Lincoln gets the following reserves in: Hive Tyrant, 3 Genestealer squads, a Hive Guard unit, and the Mawloc. 2 Genestealers come in on my right and assault the Harlequins, slaughtering them. The other outflanks on the left (away from everything). The Hive guard move on from my opponents right corner (my right) the Tyrant flies into midfield behind some cover. The Mawloc deepstrikes on top of the Fire Dragons, not the artillery. 6 of 7 dragons die, the Tyrant finishes off the Exarch. The Hive Guard take come shots at some nearby Dire Avengers, killing about 4. Yikes. On my turn, I doom the Mawloc and a squad of Genestealers, and fortune the avatar. My Scorpions arrive via outflank on my right, behind the genestealers.
My shooting sees me kill the Mawloc, do a wound on a Hive guard, and kill all but 2 Genestealers on my right, which the Avatar promptly assaults and kills.
Lincoln then gets 2 stealer squads and the Last 2 Hive Guard units in. The Genestealers roll poorly and both show up on the left side (away from the action) the Hive Guard roll on behind the other Hive guard unit, which advances through the trees. The Tyrant flies towards the wounded Dire Avenger squad (the one w/Bladestorm) The Tyrant and Hive guard finish off the Dire Avengers. The Hive guard fire at the D-Cannons, but succeed in killing a crew member only. In my turn, I kill the Hive Tyrant and start mauling the Hive Guard (now out of synapse range). Lincolns final Genestealer unit arrives on the left (40 Genestealers are out of the game). Because of synapse being gone, some Hive guard are pinned. In my turn I kill the remaining Hive Guard with D-Cannons, Dark Reapers, Rangers, and Striking Scorpions. I move my units away from the 40 Genestealers hugging the left board edge.
Outcome: I win 7-2

Opponent Week 3: Kaleb Walters
Mission: Seize Ground (3 Objectives), Dawn of War
List: Space Wolves
-Wolf Lord w/runic armor, thunderwulf, claw, shield, Warrior Born
-Njal Stormcaller
-3 Wolf guard w/combi-melta, Storm Shield
-9 Grey hunters w/melta, wulfen, standard in a drop pod
-9 Grey hunters w/melta, wulfen, standard in a drop pod
-7 Grey hunters w/melta, wulfen, standard in a drop pod
-5 Wolf Scouts
-5 Wolf Scouts
-10 Fenrisian Wolves
-6 Long fangs w/3 Lascannons, 2 Missile Launchers, Drop Pod
-6 Long fangs w/3 Lascannons, 2 Missile Launchers, Drop Pod

Battle: Kaleb decides to go first, he deploys nothing. I deploy my Storm Guardians on an Objective and Infiltrate my Rangers onto another, both in my right board quarter.
Kaleb in turn 1, walks his wolf lord and wolves and long fangs onto the board. He drops 2 empty drop pods near the objective by the rangers. He drops in Njal and his Grey Hunters in front of my Storm Guardians , he kills 3 and they break.
On my turn, I walk on everything save the Scorpions, which are outflanking. The Harlequins go first, to bubblewrap (mainly against long fangs, but also against the approaching wolf lord) The Avatar, Fire Dragons, Eldrad and D-cannons are behind them. The Storm guardians become fearless and move back towards their position. The Avengers flank the blob. The guardians spread out on my board edge, covering all but 18 inches on the left. Where the Dark Reapers also walk. Eldrad attempts to mind war Njal but fails. The Dire Avengers kill all but 3 of Njals escort. They hold. The storm guardians assault them, kill a marine, do a wound to Njal, lose 5 of their number to wounds and combat resolution.
Kaleb then gets ALL of his reserves, turn 2. The wolf scouts enter on opposite edges. The two drop pods come in about 15 inches from my blob. The grey hunters fire, killing 5 Dire Avengers plus Bladestorm Exarch and 5 Harlequins. The long fangs put 3 wounds on the Avatar. The wolf scouts on the right assault the guardians and kill them all. The other squad assaults the Dark reapers, who kill 2 scouts and suffer no casualties, the scouts fail, are caught and lose another to combat resolution. Njal and friends smoke the Storm guardians, and lose none of their own squad.
In my turn, I try to Fortune the D-cannons, but get snuffed by Njal, I do manage to get a Guide through on one of them. My scorpions arrive on the right.
My shooting, combined kills all but two grey hunter models and Njal. The harlequins charge Njal and kill him. At this point, kaleb has 2 scoring models left.
Outcome: Kaleb Concedes.

Opponent week 4: Dameon Green
Mission: Seize Ground, Spearhead
List: Chaos-zilla
-Daemon Prince w/Wings, Mark of Tzeentch
-Daemon Prince w/Wings, Mark of Tzeentch
-Greater Daemon
-5 Chaos Space Marines w/Flamer, Icon, Champion, Rhino
-5 Chaos Space Marines w/Flamer, Icon, Champion, Rhino
-18 Thousand Sons w/Gift of Chaos
-Dreadnought w/2 DCCW's
-Dreadnought w/2 DCCW's
-Dreadnought w/2 DCCW's
-Defiler w/Autocannon, Battlecannon, 3 DCCW's
-Defiler w/Autocannon, Battlecannon, 3 DCCW's
-3 Obliterators

Battle: I win the roll off and deploy everything I have on my objective in my Deployment Zone.
Standard Blob Formation, Scorpions in reserve. Dameon deploys the Dreadnoughts, Princes, and Rhinos in a semi circle in his zone. The oblits are to his left. The thousand sons hang back by his objective. There is a objective in roughly the center of the table.
On my turn, I fortune the D-Cannons, I destroy his right-most Rhino and kill 3 dudes with the reaper exarch. I do a wound to a Daemon prince and shake all the dreadnoughts, some more than once.
Dameon basically advances everything forward as fast as possible. There are some prolonged assaults with harlequins tarpitting a dreadnought, the Avatar tears through two of them. I manage to kill all of his Aspiring Champions so the Greater Daemon never arrives.
Dameon relentlessly targets my D-Cannons, even though they are fortuned, they begin to die.
In the end, Dameon has one Thousand son left standing on his objective. I have 2 scoring units on mine and 3 scoring units plus eldrad on the other. Sadly, Dameons bum rush paid off, there was an immobilized dreadnought and an immobilized defiler contesting that I could not kill. Even with Eldrad.
Outcome: Draw

ICGL Mechdar Games

Two of my opponents are playing Guard (I surmised a likely Mech list). Both of the games feature a "Dawn of War" deployment, which is not suited for Footdar. I bought the Mechdar against these individuals.

Opponent week 1: Spencer Wilkins (you may have seen him in the back of older copies of "White Dwarf" magazine)
Mission: Capture and Control, Dawn of War
List: Mechanized Imperial Guard (from memory)
-CCS, 4 melta, Chimera
-Veterans, 3 melta, Chimera
-Veterans, 3 melta, Chimera
-Veterans, 3 melta, Chimera
-Veterans, 3 melta, Chimera
-5 Ogryns, Chimera
-5 Ogryns, Chimera
-2 Medusae
-3 Hydra Flak Tanks

Battle: Neither of us deployed anything, Spencer gave me 2nd turn.
So, his line of Metal moves on, I rock a refused flank to the left (where his objective his), and ignore mine (midfield-ish) because I can return to it whenever I like.
Fire Prisms in front, real units in the rear.

His ordnance was basically useless to him the entire game (due to Wave Serpents having the awesome energy shield, which made them all very tough to fire missile launchers)
I had no choice but to get semi-close, to try and hit him with the ol beltway jam. (Immobilizing/stunning/wrecking vehicles in front to "jam" the opponent on his edge, named, by me after I-495 in MD/DC/VA)
He wisely moved his Chimeras that weren't in the fight towards my objective, forcing me to divide my forces. His meltas did great work in taking out the Fire Prisms and some of the Wave Serpents. My Fire Dragons and marginal anti-tank did well, destroying Chimeras and such. I was able to get the infantry around his objective out of their tanks, then off of the table. (via tank shock). He did the same to me when I sent units to protect/contest my objective.
The game really came down to, I was able to Destroy his objective contester (a medusa) and he was unable to destroy mine (a Wave Serpent).
Outcome: I won 1-0.

Opponent week 6: Brian Sayman
Mission: Annihilation, Dawn of War
List: Imperial Guard Air Cavalry
-CCS, 4 meltas
-10 Veterans, 3 Meltas
-10 Veterans, 3 Meltas
-10 Veterans, 3 Meltas
-10 Veterans, 3 Meltas
-10 Veterans, 3 Meltas
-10 Veterans, 3 Meltas
-10 Psyker Battle Squad, Chimera
-10 Psyker Battle Squad, Chimera
-3 Vendettas
-2 Valkyries
-2 Valkyries

Battle: Brian decides to go first. He moves everything onto the Table, I do likewise, but slowly, as I am not afraid of his 1 unit of ranged firepower (The Vendettas). Due to Nightfight and the Eldars lack of light, I do nothing.
Brian, in turn 2, fires the vendettas at a Fire Prism, (That is 9 Lascannons) He removes the gun, and Immobilizes it.
In my turn I unload Fire Dragons at the Valkyries on his flanks. I stun one and remove the multi-laser from another, twice, with 10 meltaguns...ugh. I stun/shake 2 of 3 Vendettas.
Brians vendetta whiffs in his turn, he kills 2 Fire Dragons with Multiple Rocket Pods and then attempts a "Weaken Resolve" with the Psyker Battle squad. He perils (due to Runes of Warding) and loses 2 models.
In my turn, I destroy every Valkyrie and 2 of 3 Vendettas, and both Chimeras.
Outcome: Brian concedes defeat after he is left with no ranged firepower and 8 squads walking. While I am ahead in kill points.

The Mechdar go 2-0 against Mech Guard.


The Inner Circle Gaming League (ICGL) and Foot Eldar

One thing I did not mention in my previous post was that I am currently involved in a league with the Inner Circle Gaming Club LINK.
So, each person will play 8 games using rulebook missions. (There are 9 permutations of mission/deployment in the rulebook, the only one we aren't using is Capture and Control Spearhead)
So, there are 14 people, each person plays 8 games. All games are 2000 points. The top 3 people and 1 random (wildcard) make it to the playoffs (think in NFL terms). You can play the games in any order, at any time, in any place. In December, I have played 7 of my eight games, and am on track to play the 8th this afternoon.
When the league began, I decided that I was going to use Foot Eldar (Footdar) for the majority of my games. I own so many models I have never used and really wanted to break some of them out. I brought two lists, one Mechanized Eldar (Mechdar) and one Footdar. Every player knows the mission, deployment, and opposing codex choice before the game starts. I will attempt to re-cap what went down in the 7 games I have played so far.

First, the lists.
Farseer w/Runes of Warding, Doom, Mind War
Autarch w/Fusion Gun
10 Dire Avengers
Wave Serpent w/Twin-linked Bright Lance
10 Dire Avengers
Wave Serpent w/Twin-linked Bright Lance
10 Dire Avengers
Wave Serpent w/Twin-linked Bright Lance
5 Fire Dragons
Wave Serpent w/Twin-linked Scatter Laser
5 Fire Dragons
Wave Serpent w/Twin-linked Scatter Laser
5 Fire Dragons
Wave Serpent w/Twin-linked Scatter Laser
Fire Prism w/Holo-Field
Fire Prism w/Holo-Field
Fire Prism w/Holo-Field

10 Dire Avengers w/Exarch, Dual Catapults, Bladestorm
10 Dire Avengers w/Exarch, Powerweapon & Shimmershield, Defend
10 Storm Guardians w/2 Flamers
10 Guardian Defenders w/Scatter Laser
10 Guardian Defenders w/Scatter Laser
5 Rangers (not pathfinders)
7 Fire Dragons w/Exarch, Firepike, Crack Shot
7 Harlequins w/6 Kisses, Shadowseer
8 Striking Scorpions w/Exarch, Scorpions Claw, Stalker, Shadowstrike
3 Dark Reapers w/Exarch, Tempest Launcher, Crack Shot
3 D-Cannons
3 D-Cannons

I will divide the "Batreps" into 2 sections, Mechdar (2 games) , and Footdar (5 games)


Holy Procrastination Batman!

So, it has been about 3 months without a post from me (rejoice?).
Anyways, I been working on a lot of things.
(40k related)
-Daemons: build 6 Fiends, some infantry, working on Herald conversions ( a club-mate and I are building a joint army)
-Built 6-ish Blood Angels Razorbacks with various weapons (3 asscan, 2 lasplas, twinlas)
-Eldar: Built a nice-looking squad of Storm Guardians using Dark Elf Corsair weapons. Trying to paint Eldrad, assembled some Harlequins, built 6 support weapons (what?).
-Built and mostly painted a ton of Blood Angel Infantry.
So, for YEARS I have had a Dark Elf army. I bought the rulebook and army books for the past 3 editions. I did not play a game of seventh edition. So, I grabbed the book for 8th and found that I kind of liked it. So, I played (and have been playing) roughly 11 games of Fantasy. I found that I liked the new ruleset. I will only be playing Fantasy for fun, not competitively, as I do for 40k.

As an aside to Fantasy, the models from avatars of war are very nice looking. I bought some of their Dark Elf models to be used as characters.

Anyways, as the year of 2010 comes to an end, I hope to make more time next year to paint and finish projects. I also have the summer tournament season coming up, which I am quite excited about.


Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The NOVA Open

I attended both the NOVA Open tournament on Saturday and the Whiskey Challenge on Friday night.

For the Whiskey challenge I faced a fellow 40k blogger Mr. Canady (of Kennedy 40k)

He brought his Space Cops! (Bike heavy list with 5 Dual Twin-AutoCannon Dreadnoughts!
I brought my 1850 foot angels (That I recently used at the ICGT) but to add 150, I upgraded the Librarian to Mephiston.

The 1850 foot list is designed to destroy Mech marines. The match up in lists did not favor Kennedy, I won, and we both had a great time.
Thanks again to Mr. Canady.

On Saturday I woke up with a bit of a hangover (not something you want to have when you are about to play 12 hours of 40k)

Anyways, here is what I brought.

Librarian w/Shield of Sanguinius, The Sanguine Sword

10 Tactical Marines w/Lascannon, Meltagun
10 Tactical Marines w/Lascannon, Meltagun
10 Tactical Marines w/Lascannon, Flamer, Combi-Plasma
10 Tactical Marines w/Plasma Cannon, Plasma Gun, Combi-Plasma
10 Tactical Marines w/Lascannon, Plasma Gun

3 Sanguinary Priests w/1 Power Sword

Attack Bike w/Multi-Melta
Attack Bike w/Multi-Melta
Attack Bike w/Multi-Melta

10 Devastators w/4 Missile Launchers
10 Devastators w/4 Missile Launchers
10 Devastators w/2 Multi-Meltas, 2 Plasma Cannons

This list is designed to break and man-handle razor spam, rhino spam, and mech anything.
I assume there will be an abundance of these types of lists.
It is not an "all comers" list by any stretch of the imagination.

My first opponent was Patrick Vetter, he brought Necrons.

The Deceiver
Lord w/Warscythe, Destroyer Body, Resurrection orb.

10 Necron Warriors
10 Necron Warriors

8 Immortals
8 Immortals


So, trip monoliths, ouch.

We played the first NOVA mission, Dawn Of War, Victory points.

Patrick deep struck his monoliths in front of my base of firepower, thereby making it difficult to torrent his actual necrons. For the first three turns, my objective was to kill warriors and Immortals to cause a phase out. This proved ineffective as Patrick made "we'll be back" rolls very well. (failing 1 out of 28, I believe) After this I had to switch my strategy and go after monoliths and the deceiver. I was able to kill the deceiver, and use The Sanguine sword to beat down a monolith. I got lucky and used a melta to glance one to death.
In the end, I was ahead by about 265 Victory Points, enough to grab the Win.
Definitely a tough game.

Nick Nanavati, who brings a version of Chaos Daemons known as FATECRUSHER!

BloodThirster w/Unholy Might

6 Bloodcrushers w/Icon, Instrument, Fury
6 Bloodcrushers w/Icon, Instrument, Fury
6 Fiends of Slaanesh

5 Horrors w/Bolt of Tzeentch, Changeling
5 Horrors w/Bolt of Tzeentch
5 Horrors w/Bolt of Tzeentch
5 Horrors w/Bolt of Tzeentch
8 Bloodletters

3 Screamers
3 Screamers
3 Screamers

We played the second NOVA mission, Pitched Battle, 5 objectives.

It is rare to be handed a list and lose the game, which is what happened.
Daemons are my worst nightmare for this list.
I thought of doing things one of two ways.
1) Castle up in one zone and play the Counter-Fire game (like I do with my foot guard) which would lose me an objective game.
2) Spread out and try to focus fire on threats while sacrificing units. If I roll well, I can win objective games.

I chose 2. I put the plan in motion, sacrificing units in order to counter-fire.
In the end, I had lost 85-90% of my forces. I had killed the Bloodthirster, a unit of Bloodcrushers, most of the other unit, the Fiends, and 2 squads of Horrors, with one other unit being slightly damaged.

Nick was a great and fun opponent, despite the HEAVY beating I took, we both had a great time.

Neil Gilstrap, who brings Space Wolves. (Finally, a Mech army! Just Kidding, they are all on foot.)

Logan Grimnar
10 Wolf Guard w/2 Power Weapons, 2 Terminators, 2 Cyclone Missile Launchers
10 Wolf Guard w/2 Power Weapons, 2 Terminators, 2 Cyclone Missile Launchers
10 Wolf Guard w/1 Power Weapon, 2 Terminators, 2 Cyclone Missile Launchers

3 Thunderwolf Cavalry w/2 Storm Shields, Powerfist
3 Thunderwolf Cavalry w/2 Storm Shields, Powerfist

6 Long Fangs w/5 Missile Launchers
6 Long Fangs w/5 Missile Launchers
5 Long Fangs w/4 Missile Launchers

The mission is spearhead, Table Quarters.

We setup across from each other, both kind of hiding behind a HUGE piece of LoS blocking terrain in the middle. This let his Thunderwolf cav move up unmolested to a turn 1 assault. Bollicks. We traded fire and I was finally able to kill all the Thunderwolf cav while suffering "minor" losses.
I stupidly combat squaded my missile devs, allowing Neil to take saves on his terminators from Krak missiles, d'oh.
In the end, Neil had a full 10 man squad in one corner, 2 partial long fangs in his home quarter, and a lone model hiding in a third quarter (out of LoS, behind the huge terrain).
Logan was in my quarter w/1 wound left. (He would not die)
I still had a good bit of my army left.
This was a very close game, in VP's and quarters. Sadly, I made some mistakes (like combat squadding missile devs) and lost this one.
Again, Neil was an excellent and fun opponent, we also had a great time.

Michael Perez, and His orks. (aka, Finally an army I might do well against?)

Big Mek w/Kustom Force Field
Big Mek w/Kustom Force Field

10 Lootas
10 Lootas
10 Lootas

10 Ork Boyz w/Nob, Powerclaw, Bosspole
Trukk w/Reinforced Ram
10 Ork Boyz w/Nob, Powerclaw, Bosspole
Trukk w/Reinforced Ram
10 Ork Boyz w/Nob, Powerclaw, Bosspole
Trukk w/Reinforced Ram
10 Ork Boyz w/Nob, Powerclaw, Bosspole
Trukk w/Reinforced Ram
10 Ork Boyz w/Nob, Powerclaw, Bosspole
Trukk w/Reinforced Ram
10 Ork Boyz w/Nob, Powerclaw, Bosspole
Trukk w/Reinforced Ram

3 Warbuggies w/3 Twin-Linked Rokkits
3 Warbuggies w/3 Twin-Linked Rokkits
3 Warbuggies w/3 Twin-Linked Rokkits

3 Big Gun Kannons w/1 Ammo Runt
3 Big Gun Kannons w/1 Ammo Runt
3 Big Gun Kannons w/1 Ammo Runt

Wow. Lots of stuff.
We replayed mission 2, which is Pitched Battle, 5 Objectives.

We deployed across from each other, hugging cover for our infantry.
I did not combat squad anything except the Plasma/Multi-Melta Devs.
I was able to destroy 2 trukks with missiles and then kill the occupants with boltgun fire.
I took little casualties from the rest of the ork firepower, as I had FNP bubbles on every unit and cover from their already sub-par shooting ability.

His remaining 4 trukks got assaults off. Apart from the Nobs, his charging was not very effective.
FNP FTW. I was able to either 1) Repel charges (10 orks v 10 marines is not a guarantee of wiping me.) or 2) Counter charge and wipe.
By the end of turn 3, I had destroyed all of his scoring units. After that, the game became hide and cleanup. I won 3-0.

Mr. Perez was also a great and fun opponent (who also won a raffle prize).

So, in the tournament I went 2-2, which I am completely fine with. (especially with never facing a bread+butter matchup, I guess all the Mech Spam was winning games, unlike me, lol)

I won the Whiskey Challenge, which was an awesome amount of fun (even if I wasn't playing 40k), but it allowed to keep my streak of "undefeated when drunk".

I made some errors in this tournament definitely. My random ass pairings didn't help.
(There was only 1 Necron player, and 3 Daemon players)
I am kind of glad I got to face some different armies, and very glad I was able to face new people.

On the weekend I was 3-2.
This brings me to 77W 29L 20D, in Fifth Edition.


Monday, August 23, 2010


Hey, I have been sick. I tried drinking wine and beer as a cure, but it didn't work yet.
Here we go.

1) Monty (Mkerr), nice to meet you. You seem alright, and are probably a nice guy. I rescind your "Fuck you". Nick (Tasty) keeps his. (Not that either of you should care)

2) Why was I upset at these two? This can get a bit long, I will try to simplify.
There exist 2 websites, Bell of Lost Souls (BOLS) and Yes The Truth Hurts (YTTH).
BOLS held a wargames convention (WargamesCon or BOLSCon). I didn't go, I was busy.
A different entity held NOVACon 2 weekends ago. A man named Andrew Sutton (Stelek) runs YTTH, he attended NOVACon and gave it great reviews on his blog.

Monty runs a blog called "Chainfist". Nick runs a blog called "Blood of Kittens". Google them, if you like, I read all of the blogs that I mention in this post. Nick and Monty are (currently) banned from YTTH. Stelek is banned from BOLS. (I believe)

I went to NOVACon and had an awesome time (more on that in later posts). It was being billed as a "truly competitive event", which irked Monty and Nick on their respective blogs. Monty and Nick were very critical (Nick more than Monty, hence, his "Double Fuck You").
In fact, Monty, in later days provided constructive criticism.

At the time I made the first post, it seemed like these two were being critical of an event they didn't attend just to be critical and further drive a wedge in between the YTTH-crowd and BOLS-crowd (If such things exist).
I hope everyone is clear now. Stop texting me about it. I was never angry with these two, I don't even know them.

Now, onto other things. Someone mentioned wanting to play me. I cannot reply in comments at work, I can only post and see my blog through google-reader. If you guys want to set up a game, e-mail me


Thursday, August 19, 2010

The Inner Circle Grand Tournament (IGCT)

The ICGT was held on July 31st, 2010. 1850.
I used the same 1850 foot list that I had been practicing with.

4 rounds, without further ado.

Round 1, Opponent Tim Miller, Vulkan Marines
Mission: Dawn of War Annihilation (With VPs)

Tim brought Vulkan Marines with him. (List from memory)
5 TH&SS Terminators
5 Sternguard, w/2 Combi-Meltas
10 tacticals w/MM, ?, Rhino
10 tacticals w/MM, ?, Rhino
10 tacticals w/lascannon, ?
Land Raider Redeemer
Land Raider

I won the roll off and chose to go first, I set up 2 combat squads, as did Tim.
Starting off, I turboboost my bikes to every 1/3 section of the table edge, expecting the Land Raider rush. Everything else moves on and runs forward. Tim moved all of his stuff on, but did not pop smoke on his land raiders, choosing to fire instead.
My army is designed to destroy ad ransack Mech armies. His land raiders died early, his whirlwinds and Rhinos after that. Once his mobility was done, it was just a matter of cleaning up the board with my superior firepower.

Round 2, Leigh Brady (Space Marines)
Seize ground, 5 objectives, pitched battle.

Leigh's list.
Librarian w/Gate and Null Zone
10 TH&SS Termies
5 Tactical Marines in Twin Las Razorback x4
2 Rifleman Dreads
3 Typhoon Land Speeders
2 Dakka Preds

Leigh is a member of my gaming club, you may recognize him and his list from the MANY practice games we played to get ready for this tournament. I could literally not think of a worse matchup for him to face.
In any case, he castled in one corner, I went first and hit him with the ol' beltway traffic jam. (Immobilizing or wrecking front transports), I killed the speeders , smoked the infantry waves that came. Not a close game, but we realized that when we started.

Round 3, Nathan Milakovich, Take and Hold (Table quarters), Spearhead
Nathan brought Blood Angels

Librarian w/Shield and Sword
6 Assault Marines w/ Meltagun, Razorback w/Twin-Assault Cannons
6 Assault Marines w/ Meltagun, Razorback w/Twin-Assault Cannons
5 Assault Marines w/ Meltagun, Razorback w/Twin-Assault Cannons
7 Death Company w/ powerfist, Rhino
Sanguinary Priest
2 land Speeders w/multi-melta
Baal Predator w/AC, HB Sponsons

I lose this roll-off I believe.
Nate deploys first in a horseshoe of vehicles.
I deploy in waves of firepower.
I took some big casualties from the Vindicators early, (like 9 marines), but they were both dead on my first turn. I was able to cripple his mobility early on, but that came at the cost of letting Mephiston roam free. Mephiston killed a good 20-35 marines before finally being gunned down by high strength AP2, weapons.
In the end, we each had 2 table quarters, the tie-breaker went to Victory Points (which I had by a good margin)

Round 4, Opponent: Vaden Ball (the Hobbybreaker)
Mission: Recon (Get scoring units across the table), Pitched Battle
Vaden brought Space Marines (List from memory)

Captain on Bike
Full Bike squad w/2 melta, fist, multi-melta
5 Bike squad
Command Squad 2 Plasma, 2 Melta, Rhino
Sternguard in Rhino
5 TH&SS Termies in a Land Raider
2 Land speeders MM

I win the roll-off and deploy, Vaden reserves everything.

I start my first two turns moving forward and running. On my turn 2 my bikes turboboosted towards his deployment line, anticipating a vehicle/bike rush.
Vaden rolled very well for reserves, getting everything except for 2 units. (commander and bikes and a land speeder) I foolishly moved my bikes too close to his deployment zone and was assaulted by TH& SS Termies. His bikes turboboosted down my left flank.
This mission was a uphill battle for me, because I had no mobility. Vaden was able to intercept units very well. I had a very difficult time in my shooting phase, there was one turn where I did not inflict a single wound or damaging result. (making that 3 turns of the game of ineffective firepower) I conceded in turn 6.

So, the foot angels went 3-1, I made a critical error in my last game, other than that I think I did well.

This tournament brings me to 74W 27L 20D.


Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Final ICGT Practice: The Ginger Giant

Played a quick pick up game against Nicholas (Scooter) Walters, who has found recent fame as "Drunk Guy" at the NOVAOpen Friday night Whiskey Challenge. (from the 11th company podcast)

He brought his Tau, he also never provides an army list.
(From Memory)
Commander and Retinue with loads of wargear.
Kroot w/Kroot Riders, Hounds.
12 Fire warriors, markerlight Drone.
12 Fire warriors, markerlight Drone.
6 pathfinders, devilfish
6 pathfinders, devilfish
3 Broadsides w/ Shield Drones
3 Broadsides w/ Shield Drones
Hammerhead, railgun

We roll for a Dawn of War annihilation.
(I didn't bring my camera, hence there will be no pictures, sorry)
Scooter wins the roll and deploys nothing, I deploy some squads forward I seize the Initiative.

Turn 1:
Me: I walk everything onto the board, bikes turboboost, I run most everyone.
My plasma Cannon kills a shield drone.

Scooter: Walks everyone on the board. Since he has mobile firepower, he kills 2 attack bikes and kills a marine from the orange squad.

Turn 2:
Me: I move units up on the left. The attack bike kills a shield drone from the HQ unit.
My shooting kills 3 Pathfinders and 6 fire warriors, who both fail their tests and break off the board.
The attack bike charges the HQ, causes 0 wounds and takes none in return.

Scooter: markerlights hit the orange squad. The vehicles(2 devilfish, 1 hammerhead) kill8 from the orange squad. 5 die from the big red squad.

Turn 3:
Me: I kill 2 Pathfinders and 6 fire warriors. HTH: 0-0 Draw.

Scooter: The kroot do a wound to corbulo, Shooting kills the librarians squad.
HTH: 0-0 Draw.

Turn 4: I kill nothing with shooting. The librarian and Corbulo charge into the command squad. 0-0 Draw. (Even with Str 10)

Scooter: kills the last man from the orange squad.
HTH: I cause one wound, take none, the Tau stay.

Turn 5:
Me: I shoot, kill 1 krootox and 5 kroot, they pass.
I kill a devilfish and 3 Fire Warriors.
HTH: I do another wound, take none back, and stay.

Scooter: Kills a 5-man squad.
HTH: I do 2 wounds, they stay.

Turn 6:
Me: Kill a single fire warrior, 3 or so kroot, they run.
HTH: I kill a drone, Tau pass Ld.

HTH: I kill a Suit, finally, the Tau still hold.

Game ends.

I have lost
-Attack Bike
-Attack Bike
-10 Man Tactical
-10 Man Tactical
-5 Man Devastator

Scooter has lost
-Fire Warriors

Scooter wins, 5-4.

These 4 practice games bring me to 71W 26L 20D, in 5th edition.


ICGT Practice Day

Had some friends over back in July to practice for the upcoming ICGT.

I am using the 1850 Foot Blood Angels posted earlier.

My Opponent, Chris is using Space Wolves.
This is his list (from memory)
Rune Priest
Wolf Priest
2 grey hunter in Drop Pods
2 grey hunters in Rhinos
Dreadnought w/Drop Pod
Land Raider Redeemer

We are playing a Seize Ground with 5 Objectives, Pitched Battle Deployment.
Chris wins the roll-off and goes first. He deploys, then I deploy. I fail to Seize the Initiative.
Two pictures of the deployment:

Turn 1:
Chris: Grey Hunters and the Dreadnought Drop Pod down on the right side.
The Raider, Rhinos, and Skyclaws move forward, the Rhinios pop smoke.
The dreadnought fails to wound, The Grey Hunters kill a boltgun and a missile marine from the Devs.
Mike: Missiles blow up a Rhino and kill 2 Grey Hunters. Missiles blow up the other Rhino and kill 0. They both pass their pinning test. A Plasma Cannon kills 2 inside a crater. I assault the Grey Hunters, kill 1, lose 0. They break, are caught, and take no more wounds.

Two pictures from the bottom of turn 1:

Turn 2:
Chris: Uses Stormcaller from inside the Land Raider. It moves up and deploys its squad.
He uses his plasma to little effect, killing two of his own guys. The Land Raider kills 3 from the multi-melta devastators and wounds an attack bike.
HTH: On the right side, I kill 4 Grey Hunters, they break again, are caught and take no more wounds. In the main assault, I lose 6 marines and Corbulo, I kill 3 and do a wound to the Rune Priest. I pass the Ld test.
Me: I kill one marine in the crater, which is all my shooting is able to accomplish, my 5 meltas whiff the Land Raider, the dreadnought makes his cover saves.

Two pictures from the bottom of turn 2:

Turn 3:
Chris: His last Drop Pod (with Grey Hunters arrives) They kill 4 from the Orange Tactical Squad. The Land Raider kills the Multi-Melta Devastators.
HTH: On the right, the dreadnought charges in, I lose 2, cause a wound and break off the table.
HTH: In the middle, I lose 3, kill1 and pass my Ld.
Me: My 3 multi-meltas roll 1,2,1 to hit the Land Raider. 4 krak missiles, a plasma cannon, 6 bolters, and a lascannon kill 3 from the grey hunters squad.
HTH: The dreadnought on the far right splats the sergeant.
HTH: Charge more into the center; I kill a skyclaw, lose 4 marines, break, get caught, lose another.
Two pics from the bottom of turn 3:

Turn 4:
Chris: The Land Raider kills an attack bike. The grey hunters kill the Plasma Cannon (last man) from the tacticals.
HTH: The powerfist and melta charge, cause 0, the fist dies.
HTH: In the combat in the center, our poor rolling continues and a 1-1 draw ensues.
Me: I shake the Land Raider! Do about 15 wounds to Grey Hunters from frag missiles and boltguns, they save all of them.
HTH: The Attack bike assaults the Grey Hunters, causes 0, takes a wound...
On the right, I kill the Melta Grey Hunter, and consolidate 5 inches from the dreadnought.
HTH: In the center combat I kill 2 skyclaws plus their powerfist, I lose my sergeant, The characters stay and the skyclaws run 16.

Two pictures from the bottom of turn 4:

Turn 5:
Chris: The Skyclaws run another 14 inches.
HTH: Big Combat, no wounds anywhere...
HTH: Attack bike kills 1, takes no wounds, they stay.
Me: In shooting I get 22 hits, 4 wounds and no casualties.
I shoot 2 kraks at the skyclaws, one dies, they break off the board.
HTH: Attack bike and grey hunters, 0-0 draw.
HTH: Wolf Priest kills Sanguinary Priest, I lose one marine, cause 0 wounds. I stay.

Sadly, due to alcohol, i forgot to take pictures after round 5.

Turn 6:
Chris: The dreadnought kills an attack bike.
HTH: The priests (wolf and rune) each kill a marine, I do a wound to the rune priest, and pass my Ld.
HTH: Attack bike v grey hunters 0-0 draw.
Me: Missiles kill 2 from each Grey hunter squad, they both pass break tests.
HTH: Wolf Priest kills 1, Rune priest kills 3, I cause no wounds and break.

The game mercifully ends. Chris has 2 objectives, I have none.

4 Pictures from the end of the game:

Game 2:

Me versus Pierre Daze (Sanguinebrother).
Seize Ground, 5 Objectives, Pitched Battle
He brings Mech Eldar.
Pete wins the roll-off and decides I should go first. (My friend Chris took noted for this battle)
I deploy, Pete Reserves Everything.

Turn 1:
Mike: moves entire gunline forward 6" or less (difficult terrain) Bikes move 12 or more (2 turboboost). Mike remembers to roll for the black rage. Mike forgets to run:
Pete: Laughs and taunts Saint.

A picture from the end of turn 1:
Turn 2:
Mike: moves up four squads, turbo boosts bikes, moved missile squads up into building, runs units forward. Leaves several units back in terrain.
Pete: 3 Fire Prisms and 3 Fire Dragon squads come in. The Serpents with Dragons move flat out near mikes right flank. The prisms also come in on the right. Two combine fire (Str 6 AP3) and cause 3 wounds, which are saved by FNP.

A picture from the middle of turn 2. (not including petes moves)
Turn 3:
Mike: moves right squad up towards serpent. moves corbulo+libby squad up in building.
Attack bikes move towards fire prisms.
-Attack bike destroys prism (5+6 holo-field roll)
-Attack bike misses other prism
-krak missiles and plasma cannons have no effect.
-Lascannon Shakes a serpent.
-multi-meltas wreck a serpent.
-tactical squad flames, kills 3 dragons, they run.
Pete: Dire Avengers come in from reserves, tank shocks 2 attack bikes, one passes, one fails and goes 15 inches.
two other fire dragon squads deploy.
-The fleeing fire dragons fire at the attack bike, it goes to ground and passes a save on a 6+.
-Combined fire dragon shots kill 4 from the orange squad and 3 from the blue squad.
-The attack bike takes a wound from a shuriken cannon.

Two pictures from the bottom of turn 3:

Turn 4:
My attack bike continues to fall back, but immobilizes a wave serpent from shooting.
I move squads towards the fire dragons. Combined fire kills a FD squad.
A lascannon kills the avengers serpent.
Pete concedes.

So, good practice games for the ICGT. I leave you with this picture.


Battle Report Time!

In this corner, Mike Somerville (Me!)
I bring my 1850 Foot Angels with 3 added Attack Bikes (putting me to 2k)

My opponent, another, more famous Mike, brings Tyranids.
Parasite of Mortrex
10 Termagaunts
10 Termagaunts
10 Termagaunts
Tervigon w/Catalyst, Adrenal Glands, Toxin Sacs, Scything Talons
Tervigon w/Catalyst, Adrenal Glands, Toxin Sacs, Scything Talons
Tervigon w/Catalyst, Adrenal Glands, Toxin Sacs, Scything Talons
3 Hive Guard
3 Hive Guard
3 Hive Guard
20 Garoyles w/Toxin Sacs
Trygon Prime
Trygon Prime

We play a Dawn of War Board Quarters mission. I win the roll off, and elect to go first.
I deploy 2 combat squads on the board (Lascannon and Plasma Cannon)
Mike elects not to deploy anything.

Turn 1:
Me: I begin by walking/running everything onto the board.
Mike: Moves everything on, runs some things, FNP's some things, the Hive guard manage to kill 2 marines.
Two pictures from the bottom of turn 1.

Turn 2:
Me: I unleash hell (a la the opening scene in gladiator) I cause 3 wounds to the Tervigon on the right and 2 to the Tervigon on the left.
Mike: All Tervigons birth some gaunts, all of them are done birthing.
Mike attempts to use Catalyst 3 times, but since he cannot roll above a 2, the Librarian shuts him down with the psychic hood. I lose 1 attack bike to shooting. The gaunts cause a wound to another, and a Trygon Prime kills a third.

Two pics from the bottom of turn 2.

Turn 3:
Me: I dispose of a Tervigon, killing a few nearby gaunts. Shooting causes 2 wounds to the trygon. I kill all of the gargoyles that were guarding the parasite. The Parasite kills 2 and makes 2 ripper bases. 4 wounds are caused from fearless.
Mike: Kills another attack bike with shooting.
A trygon kills an attack bike squad, another trygon kills the sanguinary priest plus another marine. I fail my leadership, am caught, and lose another model.

Two pictures from the bottom of turn 3:

Turn 4:
Me: All of my shooting is directed at the Trygon Primes, killing one.
We then move to Assault! I use The Sanguine Sword and charge 2 squads in, killing the other Trygon Prime. The parasite and squad draws 3-3.
Mike: Gets a Catalyst to finally work! His shooting kills 2 marines from the big red tactical squad.
HTH(hand-to-hand): Ripper swarm charge in to tie up heavy weapons. One draws at 0-0, the other squad kills a base. The termagants charge in, kill none, and lose 2. They then lose another two from combat resolution.

Two pictures from the bottom of turn 4:

Turn 5:
Me: My shooting brings down the Tervigon that had 5 wounds on it. More shooting causes 2 wounds to the last Tervigon. HTH: LOTS of gaunts die in this round due to pretty good rolling.
Mike: Hive Guard shooting kills 4 from the plasma devastator squad.
HTH: The Tervigon and Hive guard charge my big unit, Corbulo takes a wound, one marine dies. I cause none in return, I pass my Ld test. In other parts of the board, I kill all the rippers!

Two pictures from the bottom of turn 5:

Turn 6:
Me: The guys in the center building kill the gaunts they were fighting. The parasite finally goes down to a charge from devastators. Poor rolling on both sides causes zero wounds in the big combat.
Mike: Shooting kills one marine. In close combat, nothing happens.

We end the game. I have 3 board quarters to Mikes one. Great game.
Two pictures from the bottom of turn 6:


Monday, August 16, 2010

Quick Announcement.

Hi, Mike Somerville, here again.
I need to...
1: Post 4 Batreps.
2: Provide coverage from the ICGT.
3: Provide coverage from the NOVAOpen.

But first a quick message, to "TastyTaste" and "Mkerr", whose real names I do not know.
I would have sent you an old fashioned letter if i knew either of you. But I have one comment for each of you.

Mkerr, Fuck you.
TastyTaste, Double Fuck you.
You both know why.

Mike Somervile


Thursday, August 12, 2010

Houston...we have a problem.

So, I posted two pictures of my Sisters army that I worked so hard on the past few weeks.
I played them last night against Leigh Brady, a member of my gaming club.
I came to a depressing realization. Either my list sucks or I do not know how to use it properly.

I was outgunned at long range by lascannons, twin-Autocannon dreadnoughts, typhoon missile launchers, and autocannon predators. I can only retaliate with 2 exorcists, 2 multi-meltas, 3 autocannons, and 3 multi-lasers. Not exactly frightening, especially since the multi-meltas have a 24 inch range, and the multi-lasers and autocannons are BS 3.

The dakka preds had a field day with T3 infantry, easily shredding whatever they shot at.

So, I spent a lot of time painting, but certainly do not want to bring a sub-par list to the Nova Open, which starts...tomorrow. Crap.


Tuesday, August 10, 2010

For the NOVA Open

Here are two pictures of what I am taking to the NovaOpen this weekend.


Tuesday, July 27, 2010

It's time to scheisse or get off ze crapper.

Quote attributed to Hammacher - Beerfest.

I had been quietly pondering over the past few weeks what army to take to the NOVA Open.
I was torn between Blood Angels, Witch Hunters, Guard, or Eldar.

Today I have decided. I will be taking Witch Hunters.

Canoness w/Book of St. Lucius, Eviscerator, Bolt Pistol

10 Sisters w/Meltagun, Flamer, Veteran, Brazier of Holy Fire
Rhino w/Smoke, Searchlight

10 Sisters w/Heavy Flamer, Flamer, Veteran, Combi-Flamer
Rhino w/Smoke, Searchlight

10 Sisters w/Meltagun, Flamer, Veteran, Combi-Crossbow
Rhino w/Smoke, Searchlight

Allied Imperial Guard Infantry Platoon
Platoon Command w/4 Sniper Rifles
Infantry Squad w/Autocannon
Infantry Squad w/Autocannon
Infantry Squad w/Autocannon

5 Celestians w/2 Meltaguns
Immolator w/Smoke

5 Celestians w/2 Meltaguns
Immolator w/Smoke

5 Celestians w/2 Meltaguns
Immolator w/Smoke

5 Dominions w/3 Flamers
Immolator w/Smoke, Twin-Linked Multi-Melta

5 Dominions w/3 Flamers
Immolator w/Smoke, Twin-Linked Multi-Melta

Exorcist w/Smoke

Exorcist w/Smoke


And as an added bonus, my list for the ICGT, happening this Saturday.

Librarian w/Shield of Sanguinius, Sanguine Sword

10 Tactical Marines w/Plasma Cannon, Plasma Gun, Combi-Plasma

10 Tactical Marines w/Lascannon, Flamer, Combi-Plasma

10 Tactical Marines w/Lascannon, Meltagun

10 Tactical Marines w/Lascannon, Meltagun

Attack Bike w/Multi-Melta

Attack Bike w/Multi-Melta

Attack Bike w/Multi-Melta

10 Devastator Space Marines w/4 Missile Launchers

10 Devastator Space Marines w/4 Missile Launchers

10 Devastator Space Marines w/2 Multi-meltas, 2 Plasma Cannons


I know, foot marines. I do not expect to do great at the IGCT, but it is either that or the Eldar.


Sunday, July 18, 2010

Some July Battle Reports!

So, I played some games in July, with a list I hope to take to the ICGT on July 31st.
Below are some links to the Battle Reports (on my clubs website)

Battle 1!

Battles 2-4!

Battle 5!

Battle 6!

Went a total of 5-1.
Brings me to 69W 24L 20D

Look Matt Stanley! A Fully Painted Army!

Enjoy the reports.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Thoughts on Mech Guard

Before I took my list to Blobs park, I got 6 practice games in.
I first played "Capture and Control" (one objective each player) to a draw. My opponent had 1 scoring model left and made a ton of cover saves. Oh well.

The remaining 5 games, I played using Blobs park missions and won. I found that when I went first or seized the Initiative, games could effectively end turn 1.
I want to flash back for a bit and go through my thought process in building this list.

The first thing I knew was that I wanted 2 Vendettas. As an eldar player, I saw a similarity between the vendetta and Wave Serpents/Falcons/Fire Prisms. Point for point, the Vendetta is in a class above the Eldar vehicles. Vehicles are a BIG part of 5th edition, I welcome the awesome anti-tank capability.

My next thought was "two vendettas will not cut it for pure Anti-Tank", I need more. Months ago I had ordered two manticores from Forgeworld and finally assembled them. Bingo. I will take two of these. Lets quickly discuss the manticore. The manticore is a force multiplying machine. It is proportionately effective the more vehicles the enemy has. At blobs park, it was not uncommon for a manticore to fire and be able to hit two vehicles at full strength. There were at least two cases at blobs park where I would fire, hit two vehicles, destroy one and immobilize the other. In a war of attrition, the manticore is an unparalleled equalizer.

By now, I have a good amount of non-infantry anti-vehicle firepower. Time to look for my needs elsewhere. Next up was the role of vehicle mounted, anti-infantry firepower.
For this role I chose two Valkyries (in a squadron) and a Leman Russ Executioner with Plasma Cannon Sponsons and a Hull Mounted Heavy Flamer. This vehicles would later be dubbed "The Sexecutioner" because it is a sexy, sexy beast of a tank.
The squadron of valkyries had an unintended benefit. Usually I have 1 anti-tank unit and one other unit embarked. I can choose which one to take single hits on. (downing the "other' unit if I like)
The Sexecutioner is responsible for more death on the battlefield than any other non-superheavy unit I have ever used. It kills Infantry, period.

With my Heavies and fasts maxed out, I need to focus on other mandatory things.

For psychic and deep-strike defense I took an Inquisitor with Psychic Hood and Mystics. (I know, overplayed. But at least I do not use a Tarot, so it could be worse.)

I took a Company Command squad with 3 plasma guns for killing monstrous creatures and small, remainder Infantry squads.
I took a vet squad with 2 meltas.
I took a Platoon Command squad with 3 Flamers, in a Chimera
Two Infantry squads with flamer, Autocannon, in Chimeras.
A special Weapons Squad with 3 meltaguns.

These round out my 5 scoring units.
3 are in Chimeras.
The Company Command, Inquisitor and Retinue, Special Weapons Squad, and Veterans all hitch rides in either Valkyries or vendettas (depending on opponent/Objective/etc...)

To round out the points? 2 Psyker Battle squads in Chimeras for eliminating non-fearless Deathstar units, with a secondary purpose of being able to ordnance Infantry squads. (i keep mine 7 strong, so no high-strength ordnance blasts)

That rounds out my thoughts on behind building my guard army.

Including playtesting and Blobs, I am now at
64W 23L 20D in 5th edition.


Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The Battle for Blobs park

Over the weekend (Saturday, June 5th), I attended the Battle for Blobs Park, a 2000 point 40k tournament.

I brought with me my newest army, Mech guard. (which I will post about later, here is my list)

Company Command Squad w/3 plasma
10 veterans w/2 melta, shotgun on sarge
Platoon Command Squad w/3 Flamers
Chimera w/Heavy Flamer
Infantry squad w/Autocannon, Flamer
Chimera w/heavy Flamer
Infantry squad w/Autocannon, Flamer
Chimera w/heavy Flamer
Special weapons squad w/3 Meltaguns
7 Psyker Battle Squad
Chimera w/Heavy Flamer
7 Psyker Battle Squad
Chimera w/Heavy Flamer
Inquisitor w/Psychic Hood, 2 Mystics, 2 Hierophants
2 Valkyries w/Multiple Rocket Pods
Leman Russ Executioner w/Plasma Sponsons, Hull Heavy Flamer

Four rounds, lets get started.

First Opponent: Will Hamilton, and his nicely painted, some converted, Mech Guard. Will brought...
Lord Commissar
Company Command Squad w/Lascannon, Astropath
10 veterans w/3 meltas, fist, demo charge
10 veterans w/3 meltas, harker
Platoon Command w/2 meltas
Infantry Squad w/commissar, 2 power weapons
Infantry Squad w/power weapon, plasma gun
Infantry Squad w/plasma gun
Heavy Weapons Team w/ 3 Lascannons
Heavy Weapons Team w/3 Missile Launchers
Heavy Weapons Team w/3 Missile Launchers
Penal Legion
Penal Legion
2 Armored Sentinels w/Lascannons
2 Hydrae Flak Tanks
Leman Russ w/Hull Lascannon
Leman Russ Executioner w/Hull Lascannon

The mission was to take a Center objective. Will won to go first and deployed in a common firepower horseshoe. He reserved both Veteran Squads and his executioner, and outflanked with both penal legion. He mobbed up his Infantry squads, the heavy guns went in cover.

I deployed in a similar formation, but with nothing in reserves.
I seize the Initiative (this would become an all day theme)

I had a great first turn. I fired Multi-lasers and Autocannons at the Heavy Weapons teams, forcing them all to go to ground. (or suffer "Instant Death") Some died anyways.
My manticores did not do great, but managed to cause some damage. (and pin the big infantry block)
My vendettas pasted the Sentinels. My valkyrie squad punished the Infantry block with Multiple rocket pods and Multi-lasers, the executioner took aim on the Company Command squad and killed all but the Officer.

The only thing Will had to retaliate with was the Hydras (which killed a Chimera) and the Leman Russ (which scattered)

My seizing of the Initiative, coupled with Wills horribly poor reserve rolls (even with the Astropath) caused him problems in being able to retaliate effectively to my incredible first turn.
In gentlemanly fashion, Will conceded a few turns later.

Second Opponent: Doug McNaron, Iron Fist League (who gifted me with a die bearing his club symbol) Doug was playing Mech World Eaters, he brought...

Summoned Greater Daemon
8 Berzerkers w/Fist
Rhino w/Combi-Melta
8 Berzerkers w/Fist
Rhino w/Combi-Melta
8 Berzerkers w/Fist
Rhino w/Combi-Melta
8 Berzerkers w/Fist
Rhino w/Dozer Blade, Twin-Linked Bolter
8 Berzerkers w/Champ
Rhino w/Twin-Linked Bolter
Dreadnought w/2 DCCWs
Dreadnought w/2 DCCWs
Defiler w/2 Extra DCCWs
Defiler w/2 Extra DCCWs

The mission was straight Objectives (5 on the board, 1 in Center, 4 we set up)
Doug won the roll to go first.
He deployed across the board, Defilers on the ends Dreadnoughts on the left, Rhinos in the middle and on the right.

I deployed toughly the same way. The first thing I noticed was the lack of ranged firepower.
2 Battle Cannons and 3 one shot Combi-Meltas, thats it.

So, for the second game in a row, I seized the initiative. (remember, theme.)

So I unleashed a FURY of firepower. 2 Rhinos Destroyed, 2 Immobilized, 1 Stunned.
I also took the Battle Cannon off of one defiler. In Dougs turn, he ran the Defiler forward instead of firing (which I can see) and he smoked everything. He began running his disembarked Berzerkers towards objectives (in some form of cover).

Doug would later write that the battle ended when I seized the Initiative. I do believe he was correct. The remainder of the game was me trying to hunt and kill all the Berzerkers (not an easy task) At the end of the game 1 berzerker stood victorious on one objective. Kharne and his 2 Zerk escort were just shy of another and two immobile dreadnoughts stood in the middle of the field. I had 4 objectives, so a solid victory, but not a full point massacre.

Opponent 3: Chuck Clynes and his Blood Angels. Chuck brought with him...

The Sanguinor
Saguinary Guard w/Chapter Standard, Plasma Pistol, Infernus Pistol
5 Assault Marines w/melta, powerfist, Storm Shield
Land Raider Redeemer w/Multi-melta, Extra Armor
5 Assault Marines w/melta, powerfist, Storm Shield
Land Raider Redeemer w/Multi-melta, Extra Armor
5 Assault Marines w/melta, powerfist, Storm Shield
Land Raider w/Hunter-Killer Missile

The mission was Victory Points. I actually win the roll-off. I deploy a Chimera filled with an Infantry squad directly in the middle of the board as it was Dawn of War and I wanted a spotlight close by. Chuck deployed a Redeemer with 5 occupants and the Sanguinor on the board.

On my turn, I move everything on, spotlight the Land Raider and Manticore it to death.
I, sadly, cannot see the Sanguinor. Chuck moves his remaining 2 land raiders on the board. He lascannons a Chimera away. On my next turn I remove a weapon from the other redeemer. I also do a wound to the Sanguinor (he uses his corbulo re-roll to save another)
On his turn, Dante and friends arrive! ...And eat an executioner due to Mystics. I roll VERY poorly and only 3 die. Their melta pistols Immobilize my executioner. (SWEET.)

In the next two turns, everyone on his side dies, save his last redeemer...
That is how the game ends. Not a huge win for me. I am undefeated at this point, but so are 7 others...

Final Opponent of the day: Vaden Ball, aka. The "Hobby Breaker" who brings the list also titled "The Hobby Breaker"

Company Command Squad w/2 melta, standard, officer of the fleet
Chimera w/Heavy Flamer
Inquisitor Lord w/Emperors Taror, Psychic Hood, 3 Mystics
Vindicare Assassin
5 Inquisitorial Storm Troopers w/2 Plasma
Platoon Command Squad w/4 Flamers
Chimera w/Heavy Flamer
Infantry Squad
Infantry Squad
Veteran Squad w/3 Flamers, Demolition Charge, Meltabombs
Chimera w/Heavy Flamer
Veteran Squad w/3 meltas
Chimera w/Heavy Flamer
Veteran Squad w/3 meltas
Chimera w/Heavy Flamer
Leman Russ Demolisher w/Heavy Flamer
Leman Russ Demolisher w/Heavy Flamer

Mission: Recon (Get your scoring units into your opponents deployment Zone)
Vaden (using the Tarot) won the roll to go first.
He set up mostly on one flank with his demolishers guarding his flank.

A few thoughts went through my head. He has just an effective Alpha-strike, like me.
He has an officer of the fleet. If I reserve, I lose.
He only has 3 vendettas, the colossus, and the vindicare that can unleash on me turn 1.

I decide to deploy on the opposite flank. Chimeras guarding manticores, Executioner at the front.
We then Scout move our fliers all over the place...
Then, in an unprecedented amount of luck, I, for the third time this tournament, seize the initiative. (told you there was a theme) Mike Brandt showed up (there is your plug!)

In the first turn, I downed two Vendettas, Immobilized the third, destroyed a Chimera, Immobilized two others and stunned a demolisher. In one turn, I pinned most of his forces in his backfield (figuratively and in some cases, literally) He retaliated by shaking a manticore (with the Vindicare) and lascannoning a Chimera apart.

In the next two turns my infantry squads (in chimeras) moved up on my right flank (where there were no intervening models) Vaden moved his dismounted Infantry forward, since they were not in Chimeras anymore, the Executioner and Valkyries had no trouble killing the Infantry.

Like a true gentleman, Vaden conceded the game. Then we hugged.

So, 4-0 is a good showing.
Sadly, there were three people ahead of me in Battle points. My army was not painted.
Ergo, I was out of the "prize bracket". The day was still successful nonetheless.

Great tournament, tons of fun, cheap beer.


Monday, May 24, 2010

What to do?

I forgot to mention previously that my recently failings at winning bring me to...
55W 23L 19D (in 5th edition)

I have two big tournaments coming up (Battle at Blobs park and the NOVA Open)
These events are both Fully-Painted, Fully-Based (FPFB) events.
Battle for Blobs park is in less than 2 weeks.
The NOVA Open is in August.

I have some choices of which army to bring. (Eldar, Guard, Sisters, and Blood Angels are the front runners as my Alpha Legion, Grey Knights, and Daemons are still mostly un-assembled ) Pardon me while I briefly list my thoughts on each.

Eldar - They have been harder and harder to get wins with. As one of the most outdated codices, Eldar have significant problems in terms of cost versus efficacy. (As an example, the Vendetta costs less than my Wave Serpents and performs their role MUCH better.) They are, however, mostly painted.

Sisters - Many of my key units are on loan to a friend for ard boys. This sucks, as they would be my current favorite.

Guard - I am updating my guard to become more mechanized. They are nowhere near painted (In fact, I am still working on assembly and waiting for some parts from ForgeWorld), it is unlikely that it will be ready in time. Unless the stuff from Forgeworld arrives very quickly, this may have to wait until the NOVA Open in August.

Blood Angels - I started playing Blood Angels when Codex: Angels of Death came out. The army didn't have their own stand alone codex until this year. My Blood Angels have always been played as slightly different Space Marines. They are certainly NOT updated for a modern tournament structure. I am also waiting for an order from GW...

So, I need to pick a direction and go with it. Do I build the guard hoping the ForgeWorld order I placed arrives in time? Do I spend time updating the Blood Angels hoping the models will arrive? Do I play my drastically under-performing Eldar?

Deep thoughts for a monday.


Forgot I had a Blog?

So, it has apparently been some time since I updated my blog.
A few personal things first. My wife and I bought a house, so that took up a majority of my time.
I recently found myself with much more free time. In my "downtime" I did find time to play in some tournaments. I will quickly sum them up.

Inner Circle High Stakes Jamboree and Pancake Breakfast.
I took Sisters, went 2-1 (my loss was to Chaos in the Second round, I totally screwed up my deployment)

FrAG tournament. (March)
I took my Eldar, went 2-1 (lost first round to a poor mission matchup for my list)

FrAG tournament (April)
I took my Sisters, went 1-2 (ouch)
Lost first round to the Hobby breaker, third round to Fate-crusher.

Between these, I managed to get in a practice game against Nob Bikers, which I lost.

So, 10 games 5-5. Not a good track record in 2010.

I just discovered today at work, that while I am not able to view my blog, I can apparently post updates. Who knew?