Saturday, October 31, 2009

Tournaments and friendly play.

In order to make myself a better player, I faced a friends 29 Terminator Space marine list with my 15 Terminator Blood Angels list. I won the first game, and then we switched armies.
I played a little more aggressively that he did and ended up winning solidly against my own army.

This helped us both as my friend would do the same in a tournament a few weeks later, than I would face him and beat him in the finals, as I knew his playing style with that list...

I played in an 8-man tournament. A summation can be found at the link below.
I then played in a larger tournament, a summation can be found at the link below.

Up to this point, in all the games I have played I am 46W 17L 19D


Planetary Campaign

I participated in a Planetary Campaign put on by the Inner Circle.
I did not write up specific battle reports for the games I played, but I will go over them.
I played my Blood Angels throughout the campaign.

I faced Dale and his tau first.
He brought with him a skyray! 6 min sized Fire Warriors and 3 max size Drones (to provide cover)
He also had a good amount of Crisis Suits.
The game went well for me as I had a good amount of anti-infantry firepower.
In the end I had three objectives to Dales zero.

I also faced Scooter (and his Witch Hunters) and Brent (and his 80 Space Marines horde)
I solidly beat both of them. My 3-5 man terminator squads helped me out a lot against both opponents.

My last opponent I faced brought some nice Mech orks.
He had 8 Killa kans, 2 battlewagons, and tons of orks.
I was solidly defeated both times by orks with Powerfists. (my 5+ terminator save could not stand up to them.)

All in all the campaign was fun, but it was tough because certain people would refuse games against me. (either flat out refuse or set a date/time and be a no-show).
So, that kind of sucked.
After this campaign I end with 38W 17L 18D


Battle Board at Dreamwizards

The Battle Board at Dream Wizards.

I play another man named "Mike".
He brings an Ork army.
-Warboss on Bike
-Mekboy with Custom Force Field
-Battlewagon with 5 Mega Armored Orks.
-3 Battlewagons
-15 Burna Boys
-10 ard boys in a Trukk
-2 Trukks of Shoota Boys
-A big squad of Grotz

We play a Dawn of War Seize Ground (5 Objectives)
Mike deploys a battlewagon, nobs, and mek. He goes first.

Turn 1:
Mike: Mike moves everything onto the table.
Me: I move the rest of my army onto the table. My lascannons blow up the battlewagon carrying the Nobz. Everyone else moves forward and runs.
Turn 2:
Mike: The Warboss boosts forward, the battlewagons kill 1 sniper, 1 autocannon, and 1 lascannon.
Me: The Demolisher smokes the warboss. I immobilize a trukk and Wreck another. The Leman Russes kill most of the passengers. I assault and kill the Mekboy.
Turn 3:
Mike: The Ard boys assault and wound the command squad. The Nobz kill the Demolisher.
Me: My snipers pin the Nobz, I kill 5 ard'boyz.
Turn 4:
Mike: Kills a few form the Autocannon squad.
Me: A Nob dies to a lascannon shot and the squad breaks.
Turn 5:
Mike: Combined fire kills a few from the autocannon squad and does a wound to Kell.
Me: I don't really cause any wounds.

The game ends in a 1-1 DRAW!
This brings me to 35W 15L 18D

Counter Offensive 6(Part Three)

Final game of CO6. I Face Bobby Griffin. (A member of The Frederick Area Gamers)
He brings his Lamenters.
From what I recall, there are two tactical squads, 10 Sternguard in a Drop Pod, 10 Terminators (shooty) and Pedro!
I bring a crappy Eldar list as I wanted to use my new Forgeworld Avatar.
We play a Pitched Battle Annihilation.
I set up my Eldar.
Bobby Sets up and Seizes the Initiative!!

Turn 1:
Bobby: The Sternguard deploy by Drop Pod, they combat squad into two separate units.
They unleash some hellfire into my wraithlords, doing 2 wounds to one and 4 to the other (wouch.)
Me: My Dire Avengers move forward and kill 2 Terminators! The wraithlord assaults a Sternguard unit (killing 4) they stay. The Seer Council kills 2 Sternguard from the other squad, they also stay.
Turn 2:
Bobby: The Terminators cause 16 wounds to the Dire avengers, I go to ground, despite that 9 (exarch included) still die. In combat, the Wraithlord misses and the Seer Council kill 2, the last one stays.
Me: My Striking Scorpions outflank on the right side. The Dire Avengers kill another Terminator. The Wraithlord and Seer Council finish their respctive combats.
Turn 3:
Bobby: His Dreadnought still does not arrive. The terminators shoot and cause 2 wounds to the Avatar. The Drop Pod storm bolters the last Dire Avenger to death.
Me: My Falcon arrives, and horribly misses. The Dire Avengers kill a tactical marine. The Avatar meltas a terminator, the Seer Council Assaults and kills the Drop Pod.
Turn 4: Bobby: His Dreadnought arrives and smokes my last Wraithlord. The terminators and tactical marines FAIL horribly and cause no wounds.
Me: The Avatar assaults, wounds Pedro, and dies... The Seer Council assaults the Dreadnought and Drop pod and destroy both.
Turn 5:
Bobby: The tactical marines fire and kill 3 Dire Avengers, the terminators join in and bring their number down to 1 plus the Exarch.
Me: The Council assaults and kills 3 terminators, they lose 3 of their number.
(no pic)
Turns 6-7: There is only close combat, The Farseer ends up dying, the Scorpions end up killing the Tactical squad.
The end result is a DRAW!

So at Counter Offensive I go 1-1-1.
This brings my record to 35W 15L 17D


Counter Offensive 6(Part Two)

I then face the mighty Ken Lacy (who, despite having been out of the hobby for a while laid some beatings on a few other folks)
I bring the Pride of Iyanden
Ken brings his Slann-Tau.
He has a lot of Fire Warriors, Crisis Suits, and 2 Pathfinder Squads.

We play a Seize Ground, Pitched Battle (with 5 objectives)
Ken Deploys, I Deploy, I fail to Seize the Initiative.
Turn 1:
Ken: Ken uses his Markerlights to full effect. 4 hits to the Wraithlord, 4 to the Wraithguard.
Using suave firepower he causes 2 wounds to the Wraithlord and 3 Wraithguard die.
Me: I am able to fortune. The Parade moves forward. My "firepower" kills one Pathfinder...
Turn 2:
Ken: Markerlights the wounded Wraithlord, the ensuing firepower kills him. One more Wraithguard dies, despite my fortune.
Me: I FAIL my fortune roll. (crap) One of my Serpents shows up and I manage to kill 2 Pathfinders..
Turn 3:
Ken: Seeing that my fortune expired, ken opens up on the Parade. All in all Yriel is left with 1 wound, the Farseer with 2 and all but one Wraithguard are dead. (Wouch)
Me: My other serpent arrives. The Dire Avengers disembark, fire, and kill 8 Fire Warriors, who break off of the table.
The Parade and Wraithlord combine to destroy 2 more Fire Warrior squads.
Turn 4:
Ken: The devilfish fires and destroys the Wave Serpent. The Dire Avengers suffer 4 casualties and breaks. The farseer dies.
Me: The Wraithlord de-guns the Devilfish. Yriel rolls up and kills another Fire Warrior Squad.
Turn 5:
(At this point Ken has no scoring units left and I have one on my objective and one falling back)
Ken: Kills all of the falling back Dire Avengers. Kills the Wave Serpent sitting on my objective.
Me: I kill the Devilfish, the last unit that has the ability to contest my objective (forcing a draw)

The game ends with me having one objective, Ken has none. I am now 35W 15L 16D.


Counter Offensive 6(Part One)

Every year, a gaming forum that I frequent ( holds a gaming gathering at Dreamwizards, a gaming store in Rockville, MD.
Over the course of the day I played 3 games.

The first is a Spearhead Annihilation against James and his Black Templars.
I brought my AIIG (All Infantry Imperial Guard).
James brought his (Very well painted) Black Templars
Emperors Champion (re-roll to hit vow)
3x 10-12 man squads with a mix of Initiates and Acolytes
Big Sword Brethren Squad
Land Raider Crusader

I deploy and go First.
Turn 1:
Me: I let loose a ton of firepower, unfortunately due to some bad scatter, I manage to hit units I did not want to. As a consequence, James loses 1 Neophyte from the Red Squad, 4 Neophytes form the green squad, and 3 Neophytes and an Initiate from the blue squad. They all pass their leadership tests and rush forward (6, 4, and 4 inches, respectively)
James: Everyone moves forward toward the Guard Gunline at MAXIMUM speed.
Turn 2:
Me: I move my big 3 Infantry squads forward, hoping to regulate on the Land Raider Crusader. For my first "order"was a "bring it down" on the Land Raider, I rolled a 12. Shit.
On a better note, my master of Ordnance kills 5. I unleash 80 lasgun shots from 2 different squads, killing 5 and 1 respectively. In the entire turn I kill 8 from the Blue Squad.
James: Tank Shocks a big squad, luckily I pass. One of his closest squads assaults my 2 speedbump plasma squad, i lose a whole squad and one from another squad. Unfortunately, I roll double ones on my morale test, to keep me from being killed outright (and from shooting the Templars next Turn)
Turn 3:
Me: My lascannons are able to kill the Dreadnought. I shoot and am able to kill the entirety of the Green and Blue Infantry squads.
James: Tank Shock again! My melta fails to penetrate. Crap.
He deploys his sword brethern, emperors champion, and Marshall.
He triple assaults, 30 guardsmen and a lascannon team die.
I inflict no casualties.
Turn 4:
Me: I manage to kill 2 sword brethren. In close combat, I lose 4 from one squad.
The Emperors champion kills 2 guardsmen, I do zero wounds, I break and am run down (30 more die).
James: The LRC kills the 5-man plasma command squad.
The Marshall (in terminator armor) charges the lascannon team and kills all of them.
The Emperors champion kills the Flamer Command.
The Sword Brethern kill a missile squad and a mortar squad.
Ouch, I concede.
I do not know what I could have done in this fight, I was unable to even damage the Land Raider, my 30 man squads are a joke in combat (even against an emperors champion)
Hm. I think I need to re-think how I run my guard.

This loss bring me to 34W 15L 16D