Monday, August 23, 2010


Hey, I have been sick. I tried drinking wine and beer as a cure, but it didn't work yet.
Here we go.

1) Monty (Mkerr), nice to meet you. You seem alright, and are probably a nice guy. I rescind your "Fuck you". Nick (Tasty) keeps his. (Not that either of you should care)

2) Why was I upset at these two? This can get a bit long, I will try to simplify.
There exist 2 websites, Bell of Lost Souls (BOLS) and Yes The Truth Hurts (YTTH).
BOLS held a wargames convention (WargamesCon or BOLSCon). I didn't go, I was busy.
A different entity held NOVACon 2 weekends ago. A man named Andrew Sutton (Stelek) runs YTTH, he attended NOVACon and gave it great reviews on his blog.

Monty runs a blog called "Chainfist". Nick runs a blog called "Blood of Kittens". Google them, if you like, I read all of the blogs that I mention in this post. Nick and Monty are (currently) banned from YTTH. Stelek is banned from BOLS. (I believe)

I went to NOVACon and had an awesome time (more on that in later posts). It was being billed as a "truly competitive event", which irked Monty and Nick on their respective blogs. Monty and Nick were very critical (Nick more than Monty, hence, his "Double Fuck You").
In fact, Monty, in later days provided constructive criticism.

At the time I made the first post, it seemed like these two were being critical of an event they didn't attend just to be critical and further drive a wedge in between the YTTH-crowd and BOLS-crowd (If such things exist).
I hope everyone is clear now. Stop texting me about it. I was never angry with these two, I don't even know them.

Now, onto other things. Someone mentioned wanting to play me. I cannot reply in comments at work, I can only post and see my blog through google-reader. If you guys want to set up a game, e-mail me


Thursday, August 19, 2010

The Inner Circle Grand Tournament (IGCT)

The ICGT was held on July 31st, 2010. 1850.
I used the same 1850 foot list that I had been practicing with.

4 rounds, without further ado.

Round 1, Opponent Tim Miller, Vulkan Marines
Mission: Dawn of War Annihilation (With VPs)

Tim brought Vulkan Marines with him. (List from memory)
5 TH&SS Terminators
5 Sternguard, w/2 Combi-Meltas
10 tacticals w/MM, ?, Rhino
10 tacticals w/MM, ?, Rhino
10 tacticals w/lascannon, ?
Land Raider Redeemer
Land Raider

I won the roll off and chose to go first, I set up 2 combat squads, as did Tim.
Starting off, I turboboost my bikes to every 1/3 section of the table edge, expecting the Land Raider rush. Everything else moves on and runs forward. Tim moved all of his stuff on, but did not pop smoke on his land raiders, choosing to fire instead.
My army is designed to destroy ad ransack Mech armies. His land raiders died early, his whirlwinds and Rhinos after that. Once his mobility was done, it was just a matter of cleaning up the board with my superior firepower.

Round 2, Leigh Brady (Space Marines)
Seize ground, 5 objectives, pitched battle.

Leigh's list.
Librarian w/Gate and Null Zone
10 TH&SS Termies
5 Tactical Marines in Twin Las Razorback x4
2 Rifleman Dreads
3 Typhoon Land Speeders
2 Dakka Preds

Leigh is a member of my gaming club, you may recognize him and his list from the MANY practice games we played to get ready for this tournament. I could literally not think of a worse matchup for him to face.
In any case, he castled in one corner, I went first and hit him with the ol' beltway traffic jam. (Immobilizing or wrecking front transports), I killed the speeders , smoked the infantry waves that came. Not a close game, but we realized that when we started.

Round 3, Nathan Milakovich, Take and Hold (Table quarters), Spearhead
Nathan brought Blood Angels

Librarian w/Shield and Sword
6 Assault Marines w/ Meltagun, Razorback w/Twin-Assault Cannons
6 Assault Marines w/ Meltagun, Razorback w/Twin-Assault Cannons
5 Assault Marines w/ Meltagun, Razorback w/Twin-Assault Cannons
7 Death Company w/ powerfist, Rhino
Sanguinary Priest
2 land Speeders w/multi-melta
Baal Predator w/AC, HB Sponsons

I lose this roll-off I believe.
Nate deploys first in a horseshoe of vehicles.
I deploy in waves of firepower.
I took some big casualties from the Vindicators early, (like 9 marines), but they were both dead on my first turn. I was able to cripple his mobility early on, but that came at the cost of letting Mephiston roam free. Mephiston killed a good 20-35 marines before finally being gunned down by high strength AP2, weapons.
In the end, we each had 2 table quarters, the tie-breaker went to Victory Points (which I had by a good margin)

Round 4, Opponent: Vaden Ball (the Hobbybreaker)
Mission: Recon (Get scoring units across the table), Pitched Battle
Vaden brought Space Marines (List from memory)

Captain on Bike
Full Bike squad w/2 melta, fist, multi-melta
5 Bike squad
Command Squad 2 Plasma, 2 Melta, Rhino
Sternguard in Rhino
5 TH&SS Termies in a Land Raider
2 Land speeders MM

I win the roll-off and deploy, Vaden reserves everything.

I start my first two turns moving forward and running. On my turn 2 my bikes turboboosted towards his deployment line, anticipating a vehicle/bike rush.
Vaden rolled very well for reserves, getting everything except for 2 units. (commander and bikes and a land speeder) I foolishly moved my bikes too close to his deployment zone and was assaulted by TH& SS Termies. His bikes turboboosted down my left flank.
This mission was a uphill battle for me, because I had no mobility. Vaden was able to intercept units very well. I had a very difficult time in my shooting phase, there was one turn where I did not inflict a single wound or damaging result. (making that 3 turns of the game of ineffective firepower) I conceded in turn 6.

So, the foot angels went 3-1, I made a critical error in my last game, other than that I think I did well.

This tournament brings me to 74W 27L 20D.


Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Final ICGT Practice: The Ginger Giant

Played a quick pick up game against Nicholas (Scooter) Walters, who has found recent fame as "Drunk Guy" at the NOVAOpen Friday night Whiskey Challenge. (from the 11th company podcast)

He brought his Tau, he also never provides an army list.
(From Memory)
Commander and Retinue with loads of wargear.
Kroot w/Kroot Riders, Hounds.
12 Fire warriors, markerlight Drone.
12 Fire warriors, markerlight Drone.
6 pathfinders, devilfish
6 pathfinders, devilfish
3 Broadsides w/ Shield Drones
3 Broadsides w/ Shield Drones
Hammerhead, railgun

We roll for a Dawn of War annihilation.
(I didn't bring my camera, hence there will be no pictures, sorry)
Scooter wins the roll and deploys nothing, I deploy some squads forward I seize the Initiative.

Turn 1:
Me: I walk everything onto the board, bikes turboboost, I run most everyone.
My plasma Cannon kills a shield drone.

Scooter: Walks everyone on the board. Since he has mobile firepower, he kills 2 attack bikes and kills a marine from the orange squad.

Turn 2:
Me: I move units up on the left. The attack bike kills a shield drone from the HQ unit.
My shooting kills 3 Pathfinders and 6 fire warriors, who both fail their tests and break off the board.
The attack bike charges the HQ, causes 0 wounds and takes none in return.

Scooter: markerlights hit the orange squad. The vehicles(2 devilfish, 1 hammerhead) kill8 from the orange squad. 5 die from the big red squad.

Turn 3:
Me: I kill 2 Pathfinders and 6 fire warriors. HTH: 0-0 Draw.

Scooter: The kroot do a wound to corbulo, Shooting kills the librarians squad.
HTH: 0-0 Draw.

Turn 4: I kill nothing with shooting. The librarian and Corbulo charge into the command squad. 0-0 Draw. (Even with Str 10)

Scooter: kills the last man from the orange squad.
HTH: I cause one wound, take none, the Tau stay.

Turn 5:
Me: I shoot, kill 1 krootox and 5 kroot, they pass.
I kill a devilfish and 3 Fire Warriors.
HTH: I do another wound, take none back, and stay.

Scooter: Kills a 5-man squad.
HTH: I do 2 wounds, they stay.

Turn 6:
Me: Kill a single fire warrior, 3 or so kroot, they run.
HTH: I kill a drone, Tau pass Ld.

HTH: I kill a Suit, finally, the Tau still hold.

Game ends.

I have lost
-Attack Bike
-Attack Bike
-10 Man Tactical
-10 Man Tactical
-5 Man Devastator

Scooter has lost
-Fire Warriors

Scooter wins, 5-4.

These 4 practice games bring me to 71W 26L 20D, in 5th edition.


ICGT Practice Day

Had some friends over back in July to practice for the upcoming ICGT.

I am using the 1850 Foot Blood Angels posted earlier.

My Opponent, Chris is using Space Wolves.
This is his list (from memory)
Rune Priest
Wolf Priest
2 grey hunter in Drop Pods
2 grey hunters in Rhinos
Dreadnought w/Drop Pod
Land Raider Redeemer

We are playing a Seize Ground with 5 Objectives, Pitched Battle Deployment.
Chris wins the roll-off and goes first. He deploys, then I deploy. I fail to Seize the Initiative.
Two pictures of the deployment:

Turn 1:
Chris: Grey Hunters and the Dreadnought Drop Pod down on the right side.
The Raider, Rhinos, and Skyclaws move forward, the Rhinios pop smoke.
The dreadnought fails to wound, The Grey Hunters kill a boltgun and a missile marine from the Devs.
Mike: Missiles blow up a Rhino and kill 2 Grey Hunters. Missiles blow up the other Rhino and kill 0. They both pass their pinning test. A Plasma Cannon kills 2 inside a crater. I assault the Grey Hunters, kill 1, lose 0. They break, are caught, and take no more wounds.

Two pictures from the bottom of turn 1:

Turn 2:
Chris: Uses Stormcaller from inside the Land Raider. It moves up and deploys its squad.
He uses his plasma to little effect, killing two of his own guys. The Land Raider kills 3 from the multi-melta devastators and wounds an attack bike.
HTH: On the right side, I kill 4 Grey Hunters, they break again, are caught and take no more wounds. In the main assault, I lose 6 marines and Corbulo, I kill 3 and do a wound to the Rune Priest. I pass the Ld test.
Me: I kill one marine in the crater, which is all my shooting is able to accomplish, my 5 meltas whiff the Land Raider, the dreadnought makes his cover saves.

Two pictures from the bottom of turn 2:

Turn 3:
Chris: His last Drop Pod (with Grey Hunters arrives) They kill 4 from the Orange Tactical Squad. The Land Raider kills the Multi-Melta Devastators.
HTH: On the right, the dreadnought charges in, I lose 2, cause a wound and break off the table.
HTH: In the middle, I lose 3, kill1 and pass my Ld.
Me: My 3 multi-meltas roll 1,2,1 to hit the Land Raider. 4 krak missiles, a plasma cannon, 6 bolters, and a lascannon kill 3 from the grey hunters squad.
HTH: The dreadnought on the far right splats the sergeant.
HTH: Charge more into the center; I kill a skyclaw, lose 4 marines, break, get caught, lose another.
Two pics from the bottom of turn 3:

Turn 4:
Chris: The Land Raider kills an attack bike. The grey hunters kill the Plasma Cannon (last man) from the tacticals.
HTH: The powerfist and melta charge, cause 0, the fist dies.
HTH: In the combat in the center, our poor rolling continues and a 1-1 draw ensues.
Me: I shake the Land Raider! Do about 15 wounds to Grey Hunters from frag missiles and boltguns, they save all of them.
HTH: The Attack bike assaults the Grey Hunters, causes 0, takes a wound...
On the right, I kill the Melta Grey Hunter, and consolidate 5 inches from the dreadnought.
HTH: In the center combat I kill 2 skyclaws plus their powerfist, I lose my sergeant, The characters stay and the skyclaws run 16.

Two pictures from the bottom of turn 4:

Turn 5:
Chris: The Skyclaws run another 14 inches.
HTH: Big Combat, no wounds anywhere...
HTH: Attack bike kills 1, takes no wounds, they stay.
Me: In shooting I get 22 hits, 4 wounds and no casualties.
I shoot 2 kraks at the skyclaws, one dies, they break off the board.
HTH: Attack bike and grey hunters, 0-0 draw.
HTH: Wolf Priest kills Sanguinary Priest, I lose one marine, cause 0 wounds. I stay.

Sadly, due to alcohol, i forgot to take pictures after round 5.

Turn 6:
Chris: The dreadnought kills an attack bike.
HTH: The priests (wolf and rune) each kill a marine, I do a wound to the rune priest, and pass my Ld.
HTH: Attack bike v grey hunters 0-0 draw.
Me: Missiles kill 2 from each Grey hunter squad, they both pass break tests.
HTH: Wolf Priest kills 1, Rune priest kills 3, I cause no wounds and break.

The game mercifully ends. Chris has 2 objectives, I have none.

4 Pictures from the end of the game:

Game 2:

Me versus Pierre Daze (Sanguinebrother).
Seize Ground, 5 Objectives, Pitched Battle
He brings Mech Eldar.
Pete wins the roll-off and decides I should go first. (My friend Chris took noted for this battle)
I deploy, Pete Reserves Everything.

Turn 1:
Mike: moves entire gunline forward 6" or less (difficult terrain) Bikes move 12 or more (2 turboboost). Mike remembers to roll for the black rage. Mike forgets to run:
Pete: Laughs and taunts Saint.

A picture from the end of turn 1:
Turn 2:
Mike: moves up four squads, turbo boosts bikes, moved missile squads up into building, runs units forward. Leaves several units back in terrain.
Pete: 3 Fire Prisms and 3 Fire Dragon squads come in. The Serpents with Dragons move flat out near mikes right flank. The prisms also come in on the right. Two combine fire (Str 6 AP3) and cause 3 wounds, which are saved by FNP.

A picture from the middle of turn 2. (not including petes moves)
Turn 3:
Mike: moves right squad up towards serpent. moves corbulo+libby squad up in building.
Attack bikes move towards fire prisms.
-Attack bike destroys prism (5+6 holo-field roll)
-Attack bike misses other prism
-krak missiles and plasma cannons have no effect.
-Lascannon Shakes a serpent.
-multi-meltas wreck a serpent.
-tactical squad flames, kills 3 dragons, they run.
Pete: Dire Avengers come in from reserves, tank shocks 2 attack bikes, one passes, one fails and goes 15 inches.
two other fire dragon squads deploy.
-The fleeing fire dragons fire at the attack bike, it goes to ground and passes a save on a 6+.
-Combined fire dragon shots kill 4 from the orange squad and 3 from the blue squad.
-The attack bike takes a wound from a shuriken cannon.

Two pictures from the bottom of turn 3:

Turn 4:
My attack bike continues to fall back, but immobilizes a wave serpent from shooting.
I move squads towards the fire dragons. Combined fire kills a FD squad.
A lascannon kills the avengers serpent.
Pete concedes.

So, good practice games for the ICGT. I leave you with this picture.


Battle Report Time!

In this corner, Mike Somerville (Me!)
I bring my 1850 Foot Angels with 3 added Attack Bikes (putting me to 2k)

My opponent, another, more famous Mike, brings Tyranids.
Parasite of Mortrex
10 Termagaunts
10 Termagaunts
10 Termagaunts
Tervigon w/Catalyst, Adrenal Glands, Toxin Sacs, Scything Talons
Tervigon w/Catalyst, Adrenal Glands, Toxin Sacs, Scything Talons
Tervigon w/Catalyst, Adrenal Glands, Toxin Sacs, Scything Talons
3 Hive Guard
3 Hive Guard
3 Hive Guard
20 Garoyles w/Toxin Sacs
Trygon Prime
Trygon Prime

We play a Dawn of War Board Quarters mission. I win the roll off, and elect to go first.
I deploy 2 combat squads on the board (Lascannon and Plasma Cannon)
Mike elects not to deploy anything.

Turn 1:
Me: I begin by walking/running everything onto the board.
Mike: Moves everything on, runs some things, FNP's some things, the Hive guard manage to kill 2 marines.
Two pictures from the bottom of turn 1.

Turn 2:
Me: I unleash hell (a la the opening scene in gladiator) I cause 3 wounds to the Tervigon on the right and 2 to the Tervigon on the left.
Mike: All Tervigons birth some gaunts, all of them are done birthing.
Mike attempts to use Catalyst 3 times, but since he cannot roll above a 2, the Librarian shuts him down with the psychic hood. I lose 1 attack bike to shooting. The gaunts cause a wound to another, and a Trygon Prime kills a third.

Two pics from the bottom of turn 2.

Turn 3:
Me: I dispose of a Tervigon, killing a few nearby gaunts. Shooting causes 2 wounds to the trygon. I kill all of the gargoyles that were guarding the parasite. The Parasite kills 2 and makes 2 ripper bases. 4 wounds are caused from fearless.
Mike: Kills another attack bike with shooting.
A trygon kills an attack bike squad, another trygon kills the sanguinary priest plus another marine. I fail my leadership, am caught, and lose another model.

Two pictures from the bottom of turn 3:

Turn 4:
Me: All of my shooting is directed at the Trygon Primes, killing one.
We then move to Assault! I use The Sanguine Sword and charge 2 squads in, killing the other Trygon Prime. The parasite and squad draws 3-3.
Mike: Gets a Catalyst to finally work! His shooting kills 2 marines from the big red tactical squad.
HTH(hand-to-hand): Ripper swarm charge in to tie up heavy weapons. One draws at 0-0, the other squad kills a base. The termagants charge in, kill none, and lose 2. They then lose another two from combat resolution.

Two pictures from the bottom of turn 4:

Turn 5:
Me: My shooting brings down the Tervigon that had 5 wounds on it. More shooting causes 2 wounds to the last Tervigon. HTH: LOTS of gaunts die in this round due to pretty good rolling.
Mike: Hive Guard shooting kills 4 from the plasma devastator squad.
HTH: The Tervigon and Hive guard charge my big unit, Corbulo takes a wound, one marine dies. I cause none in return, I pass my Ld test. In other parts of the board, I kill all the rippers!

Two pictures from the bottom of turn 5:

Turn 6:
Me: The guys in the center building kill the gaunts they were fighting. The parasite finally goes down to a charge from devastators. Poor rolling on both sides causes zero wounds in the big combat.
Mike: Shooting kills one marine. In close combat, nothing happens.

We end the game. I have 3 board quarters to Mikes one. Great game.
Two pictures from the bottom of turn 6:


Monday, August 16, 2010

Quick Announcement.

Hi, Mike Somerville, here again.
I need to...
1: Post 4 Batreps.
2: Provide coverage from the ICGT.
3: Provide coverage from the NOVAOpen.

But first a quick message, to "TastyTaste" and "Mkerr", whose real names I do not know.
I would have sent you an old fashioned letter if i knew either of you. But I have one comment for each of you.

Mkerr, Fuck you.
TastyTaste, Double Fuck you.
You both know why.

Mike Somervile


Thursday, August 12, 2010

Houston...we have a problem.

So, I posted two pictures of my Sisters army that I worked so hard on the past few weeks.
I played them last night against Leigh Brady, a member of my gaming club.
I came to a depressing realization. Either my list sucks or I do not know how to use it properly.

I was outgunned at long range by lascannons, twin-Autocannon dreadnoughts, typhoon missile launchers, and autocannon predators. I can only retaliate with 2 exorcists, 2 multi-meltas, 3 autocannons, and 3 multi-lasers. Not exactly frightening, especially since the multi-meltas have a 24 inch range, and the multi-lasers and autocannons are BS 3.

The dakka preds had a field day with T3 infantry, easily shredding whatever they shot at.

So, I spent a lot of time painting, but certainly do not want to bring a sub-par list to the Nova Open, which starts...tomorrow. Crap.


Tuesday, August 10, 2010

For the NOVA Open

Here are two pictures of what I am taking to the NovaOpen this weekend.