Tuesday, March 24, 2009


So, I have, like 10 Armies...and every week it seems that my focus shifts between them. As a result of the changes in 5th, codex changes, etc..., none of them are completely finished.
What I need to do is focus. I am going to shelve my Iyanden, Black Legion, Thousand Sons, Daemons, Witch Hunters, Dark Elves, Mortal Chaos, and Grey Knights through September of this year. I will focus on completing the SO10kBAR (Saint Omerville 10k Blood Angels Repository) and the AIIG (All Infantry Imperial Guard), in preparation for the new codex, of course.

I plan on doing a focus on the SO10kBAR in a future blog post. I am also going to do some coverage on the 40k campaign that I am running on my gaming club website www.frederickareagamers.net.

First, I will focus on painting and finalizing all 10,000 points (Actually more) of the Blood Angels. Which I use for Apocalypse games.


Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Epic Dick Move

Unfortunately, I was unable to play any games this weekend. Some...drama, unfolded.

Here is the scoop. I am in a gaming club, the Frederick Area Gamers (FrAGs for short)
We have officer elections, etc... One guy got a bunch of his friends to join the club (great!) so when election time came, he was elected president. (again, no big deal)

He attempted to push a lot of ideas onto the club without really consulting any of its members (some had been gaming together for 10+ years) Anyways, when the club voiced dissent to his rather presumptuous ideas, he stormed off in a temper-tantrum (odd for a 40+ year old male)

So, he and his friends formed their own club (again, that's fine, if you don't like our club, make your own)

Here comes the Epic Dick Move. The admin for our club site is also the admin for their club site. Their club rented out the gaming space (for their club) for the next 6 months (you have to pay them to be a member and to play by their rules) Then they got our shared admin to close down our website. DICK.

So, quite a nice cunning plan (I cannot blame them for being cunning) but it strikes me as an asinine thing to do.

So, after a few days, we were able to buy our own hosting/domain/etc... But we still do not have a place to play (I will say it is frustrating to be thrown out after 10 years of patronage in favor of a group that has just moved in, in the past 10 months.)


Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Weekend Batreps

Played 2 games over the weekend with my Iyanden.
I had...
Farseer, Runes of warding, Fortune
Prince Yriel
10 Wraithguard w/Spiritseer, Enhance
10 Dire Avengers w/Exarch, Power weapon, Shimmershield, Wave Serpent
10 Dire Avengers w/Exarch, Power weapon, Shimmershield, Wave Serpent
8 Fire Dragins w/Exarch, Dragons Breath Flamer, Wave Serpent
5 Wraithguard w/Warlock, Enhance, Wave Serpent
Wraithlord w/Missile Launcher, Scatter Laser
Wraithlord w/Missile Launcher, Scatter Laser


First game, against Razakel XIII (a member of my gaming club), he brings his word bearers, and had (from the best of my recollection)
Chaos lord, Mark of Slaanesh, Daemon Weapon
Chaos Sorcerer in Terminator Armor, Warp Time, Gift of Mutation, Mark of Tzeentch

12 Chaos Space Marines Flamer, Melta
12 Chaos Space Marines Flamer, Melta
15 summoned lesser daemons
5-6 Terminators, various loadout
6-7 Raptors
6 Havoks, missile launchers
8 havoks, lascannons

The mission was a Secure and Control? Long board edges. There were 3 counters spread across the board. I win the go first roll.

Turn 1: (unless noted otherwise, my farseer casts fortune each turn.)
Me: My wraithlords open up. between them they kill 1 havok, 2 raptors, and 2 "tactical" Chaos Space Marines. All pinning and break tests are passed.
Raz: everything runs forward, except the missile launcher devastators, who fire at the wraithlord, who saves with cover.

Turn 2:
Me: One Avenger squad and the Wraithguard squad arrives. The avenger serpent kills 2 lascannon havoks, the wraithlord kills a missile launcer havok and the dire avengers kill a "tac" CSM.
Raz: The 15-strong unit of daemons arrives. The missile launcher havoks FAIL miserably at targeting the wave serpent. Everything else moves forward.

Turn 3:
Me:My fire Dragons arrive from reserve, moving around the right flank. The wraithlord and Dire avengers combine to kill 9 daemons. The wave serpent kills 2 from the lascannon havok squad. The wraithguard kill 2 raptors. The las havoks break. The wraithguard assault the raptors. Leeroy rolls a "1" for his daemon wepaon and wounds himself! The remaining wraithguard kill 2 raptors and suffer no casualties, the raptors pass their break test.
Raz: The lascannon havoks rally, other squads close in. The missile havoks stun one of my empty wave serpents. In assault, the terminators assault the same serpent and destroy it. Leeroy (of the raptors) kills a wraithguard, but they finish the raptor squad.

Turn 4:
Me: My wraithlord, dire avengers, and serpent kill all but one daemon and 5 "tactical" CSMs in teh middle of the board. The other wave serpent kills 3 lascannon havoks! The survivor breaks.
The wratihlord assaults the "tacs"and kills one, Leeroy rolls another "1" for his daemon weapon and is promptly killed by the remaining wraithguard...
Raz: The sorcerer uses "gift of chaos" on my wraithlord and TURNS HIM INTO A CHAOS SPAWN!!! I am embarassed. The missile havoks fire and kill 2 wraithguard and the warlock out of that squad. The lone summoned daemon charges the dire avengers and dies for his efforts.
Turn 5: My other dquad of Dire Avengers arrives from reserve. Squad 1 kills the final 4 tactical CSMs. The other avenger squad kills the "wraithlord"-spawn. Purifying his body with ninja shuriken. The large wraithguard squad kills all the terminators and wounds Raz the sorcerer. The 2-man wraithguard squad kills 2 havoks. The fire dragons and wave serpent kill 8 CSMs by teh rear objective. The wraithguard charge the havoks, drawn combat.
Raz: The "tactical" CSMs by the rear objective kill a fire dragon (due to some excellent rolling on my part) Raz concedes.

Game two was against Reed, aka. Vitharn, and ork player.
He brought
Ghazghkull Thraka
Big Mek with custom force field
10 nobs, 5 power claws, doc (all armed with different wargear) in a trukk
10 nobs, 5 power claws, doc (all armed with different wargear) in a trukk
30 Slugga boys
30 Shoota boys

We play capture and control with 4 objectives.
We set up opposite board quarters.

Turn 1:(I get fortune every turn, unless I say otherwise)
Me: My wraithlords and serpents open up on the trukks. After 3 passed cover saves, the forth does it in! Unfortunately, no wounds needed to be taken due to the trukk special rules.
Reed: Everything rushes forward, the trukk carrying Ghaz disembarks and charges a wave serpent, the other Nobs squad (with big mek) charges the other, they wreck both.

Turn 2:
Me: My fire Dragons and Wraithguard arrive. The dire avengers kill 4 out of the slugga mob. My wraithlords double flame their respective nobs squads (causing 1 unsaved wound, out of 15+wounds) The flamers also destroy the other trukk.
In close combat, Yriel and friends wipe out the Slugga squad. The wraithlord charges Ghazghkulls nobs, does no wounds and is slain by Ghaz. The other wraithord kills the big mek, and is then is killed by the painboy.
Reed: The ork shootas kill the entire Dire avengers squad. The nobz shake the wave serpent. Ghaz and friends assault and kill 7 wraithguard, I cause 6 unsaved wounds (but zero casualties). The eldar pass their break test.

Turn 3: I fail my fortue roll...
Me: Fire dragons flame and kill 14 shoota orks. In close combat, Ghaz and friends kill Yriel, the farseer, and the Wraithguard squad. (effective game over)
Reed: The shootas and Nobs fire at and assault the fire dragons, the dragons cause no wounds, but get wiped out. Their wave serpent gets stunned and de-gunned.

Turn 4:
Me: my dire avengers cause Zero wounds to Ghaz and his nobz.
Reed: The nobs kill the serpent with a powerfist.
Turn 5: My dire avengers again cause no wounds from shooting. They assault and cause another zero wounds. I concede.

The tough points were definitely killing the Nobs squads. Despite one squad having wounds on all its members, it suffered only 1 or 2 actual casualties. A very strong unit. The combination of a 4+ armor save, 5+ invulnerable and Feel no Pain is tough to get through...

1 win, 1 loss, great weekend.