Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Challenge Board, Game 5.

I coax a man named Mike into Challenging me.
He brings Death guard, a throwback list from 4th edition.
He has...
A daemon Prince (mark of Nurgle, Wings, Warptime)
A land Raider
3 Plague Marine squads
2 Rhinos
a Havoc squad with Mark of Nurgle
a 4-man Terminator Squad
10 summoned lesser daemons.

We play a Dawn of War Capture and Control (Capture the Draw)

I did not write a formal battle report for this. So it will be kind of loose.
He advanced everything except a squad of Plague marines that he kept around his objective.
I manage to stop a Rhino early and he got his daemons in turn 2, before they were in my lines.
I had trouble stopping the land raider (as I always do).
I managed to kill the Daemon prince, Land Raider (late in the game), the daemons, and both Rhinos got Immobilized, and I killed 2 Plague Marine squads.

The game ended in a draw because of my inability to be able to effectively assault his Objective with my lasgun toting guardsmen. I had a heavy bolter squad nearby, but they were ineffective against Plague Marine armor.

The game lasted 7 full turns. It ended in a 1-1 draw, as "Capture the Draw usually does"
No challenge token for me.

These games bring me to 34W 14L 16D in fifth edition.


Challenge Board, Game 4.

I find a person to challenge me.
It is Thomas! He brings Space Marines.
We play a Capture and Control (Capture the Draw as I call it) Spearhead.
*Again, my apologies for no pictures.
I set up and go first.

I deploy in a defensive formation with my objective a little inwards in my deployment zone.

He deploys 2 Las/Plas Razorbacks with 5 Space Marines each in the far corner of his deployment zone. Everything else he says is in reserves.

Turn 1:
Me: I shake a razorback. Everything else runs forward.
Thomas: nothing.

Turn 2:
Me: I destroy a Razorback, killing 2 Marines in the process. I shake the other Razorback. My other units continue running.
Thomas: I learn that everything else in Thomas List will be outflanking. He gets in 2 10-man assault squads, 2 razorbacks with 5 marines each, Tigurius and Khan in on turn 2, despite me having an officer of the fleet...Everything but one assault squad arrives on my table edge.
The oncoming Razors tank shock one of my plasma squads off of the table. The heavy bolters kill a lascannon team. The assault squad mauls a unit. The other assault squad advances from thomas' table edge towards my guys in the center of the table.

Turn 3:
Me: My meltaguns manage to kill all the Razorbacks. I kill 4 marines from one squad, 2 from another, I also do two wounds to Khan. Through Shooting and Assault I kill the 10-man assault squad. I also manage to gun down 5 members from the far assault squad.
Thomas: The rest of thomas' reserves (10-man assault, razorback with 5 guys) outflanks on my side. The razorback squad disembarks and kills 5 guys from one of my units. The heavy bolter from the razor kills 2 guys from my Melta command squad. Tigurius' psychic powers kill my master of the fleet and cause a wound to kell and a wound to my commander.
The 10-man assault squad bolt pistols the flamer squad, who run off of the board.
In the assault phase kahn, tigurius and the far assault squad kill 2 complete infantry squads.

Turn 4:
Me: Through immense shooting and all my orders tests being passed, I manage to kill everything in my deployment zone, save the razorback and 5-man tactical squad.
The rest of my units run towards thomas' very far objective.
Thomas: The Razorback Heavy bolters 3 guys from my command squad to death. The assault squad charges a 10-man vox squad and kills all of them.

Turn 5:
Me: I destroy the far razorback, there are no casualties to the passengers. I kill the Assault squad. I kill the 5-man tactical squad. I immoblize and shake the Rhino.
Thomas: Thomas moves his 7 remaining tactical marines to the rear of his objective, still within scoring range.
The die of destiny is rolled. The game ends. My closest units to his objective are about 2 inches too far to contest. Thomas has 8 models left on the board. I have well over 70.
A 1-1 Draw. Thomas does not lose his challenge token. I do not gain one.


Challenge Board, Game 3.

I am currently on Tier 2 of the Challenge Board.
With my newly acquired "Challenge Token" I challenge Dameon (Who I believe is the past winner) to a game.
*I apologize that there are no pictures.
We play a Seize Ground (5 Objectives) Pitched battle.
I choose to Deploy first. I choose to go First.
Dameon brings...
2 Tzeentch Daemon Princes (Gift, Warptime?, Wings)
2 Squads of 10 Chaos Space Marines w/Missile in a Rhino w/Havoc Launcher
3 Close Combat Dreadnoughts
3 Defilers

I bring the AIIG.
Turn 1:
Me: Through copious firepower, I immobilize both Rhinos and manage to Kill a Dreadnought.
I do one wound to a Daemon Prince and take the Havoc missile off of a rhino.
Everyone else runs forward towards one of 5 objectives.
Dameon: A battle cannon shell kills a Junior Officer, a Standard and a regular joe from a command squad. Battle cannons also kill 5 from a melta squad, 1 conscript, and 6 from a plasma squad.

Turn 2:
Me: I immobilize a defiler, I do one wound to the Blue daemon prince and 2 wounds to the other... Not a great round.
Dameon: Uses gift to turn a meltagun trooper into a chaos spawn. Battle Cannons kill... 2 guard from the command squad, 2 lascannon teams, one guardsman from a flamer squad.
In the ensing assault phase I lose the conscripts and 2 other squads...I cause no wounds in return.

Turn 3:
Me: I manage to kill another Dreadnought and blast the last wound off of a Daemon Prince. I assault the other daemon prince with 17 guys, I cause zero wounds and all 17 die.
Dameon: Turns 2 Missile Launcher teams into Chaos Spawn...
The Battle Cannons kill one missile team and one heavy bolter team.
In assault the Daemon Prince kills a ten man squad, the chaos spawns kill the rest of the missile squad. The dreadnought kills 4 guys, but I pass the break test (to my dismay)

Turn 4:
Me:A lone Plasma Gunner destroys a Defiler! My missile team breaks off the board.
Three lasguns from the mortar squad kill the daemon prince.
Dameon: 20 Chaos Marines dismount and run towards objectives.

At this point in the game, I stopped taking notes as I really needed to pay attention.
Basically, it boiled down to my command squad assaulting a dreadnought and managing to immobilize it with my 2 powerfists before the entire squad died in a few turns of combat.
I did not inflict any more significant casualties in the game. I was really struggling to kill armor in the later turns. The game ended in a draw with me having 2 models capturing 2 different objectives. Dameons scoring units each had one as well.

This game ended in a draw, and resulted in me losing my challenge token. So now I need to wait for someone to challenge me so that I can win one back. I need a token to challenge another player.