Thursday, February 21, 2013

Inventory 2: Grey Knights

Now for part two, Grey Knights.
{Note: most of the models I have are the older metal versions with Halberds}

-Brother-Captain Stern (metal, assembled)
-Lord Kaldor Draigo (metal, unassembled)
-Inquisitor w/Plasma Pistol + Power Sword (metal, primed)
-Forgeworld Grey Knights Dreadnought (Resin, no arm weapon, unassembled)

-Terminators (all Metal, weapons are either Sword or Halberd plus Storm Bolter unless otherwise indicated)
  • 5 w/Psycannon
  • 4 w/Incinerator
  • 1 Daemonhammer
  • 18 Others
-Power Armor (all metal, most have Halberds and Storm Bolter; some have Sword and Storm Bolter)  There are many missing backpacks, but these can be gotten from GW rather cheaply.
  • 45 regular (Sword or Halberd )
  • 2 Psycannons
  • 7 Incinerators
  • 3 Plastic With Daemonhammer (some converted)
In addition, I purchased new plastic kits for the following.

Terminators(box of 5 plastic): Everything is here except the Apothecary bits and one power sword.
Grey Knights(box of 5 plastic): There is only one model left the rest were used used to make the Daemonhammers.

There are lot of models included, but they need a good bit of work, as you can see from the pics below.

I will tag this lot at $150.
Contact me if interested!

-Saint Omerville

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Dameon Green said...

tempting, I do like the metals sculpts better