Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Trip to GW store ends in elation!

I have not really been keeping up on my reading.  I just finished the "newest" Horus Heresy book, "Shadows of Treachery" and decided to go to my local GW store (The Battle Bunker located in Bowie, MD) to pick up the new book in the line titled "Angel Exterminatus".

After the barrage of "greeting" from the sales-staff, I find my way over to the books section and pick up the newest installment.  Long story short, the book has doubled in physical size and price, but there are about the same number of pages as others in the series.  I ma then gleefully informed that there is a special hardback edition that is only on sale at GW stores, released before Barnes & Noble, Amazon.com, et al. get their hands on a copy!!!!fortheemperor!!

All I have to cough up is $30...?  I just kind of stood there for a few moments trying to contemplate why a company would do this.  The sales-clerk then asked if I had been to any 40k tournaments recently, in my haste to respond I quietly uttered "I fucking hate this game".  It turns out that they left me alone after that.  I suppose I did say respond a little hastily to his "tournament" inquiries.

A quick search on Amazon shows me that I can order their books new for a discount of around 38%.  I just realized that I never have to set foot in a GW store ever again.

I am elated at that realization.

-Saint Omerville

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Tim said...

Oh how I laughed while reading this.